10 tips to create a shocking newsletter

A newsletter is one of the most effective ways to reach your customers. This must have an impressive design to generate more traffic to your different social networks and website. Here are some tips to help you design it successfully.

A newsletter is the best way to keep in touch with your customers and with those who can become one so every certain time, which can be every 15 days, monthly, or if you decide quarterly. This communication tool aims to create a closer relationship with them and arouse interest in products, promotions, or events you want to sponsor and keep them updated. One of its greatest benefits is that it connects you with a target audience that is looking for concrete information.

But what does it take to create an impactful newsletter? Shocking means it causes us a strong emotion, in this case, we want it to be positive and maintain the interest of the customers of your database. Below we give you 10 tips for the newsletter and make this your best cover letter and make a difference against your competitors.

The different newsletter options

  • Some newsletters are promotional and are focused on promoting and selling products and services. This type of newsletter should be handled with caution so as not to overwhelm your subscribers.
  • Informative newsletters: this newsletter is shared with readers. They serve as a hook to hold your audience captive.
  • Educational newsletters: they work to share knowledge so you can get clients interested in the topics of your specialization.

Although they all have a different approach, they share one goal: to be attractive and these are the steps to achieve it:

How to make a newsletter from scratch?

1. Have a platform

Desktop with computer tips for newsletter.

The first thing you should have is to have a specialized tool that offers the necessary functions to have a greater scope: the creation of forms, reports, segmentation of lists, etc. There are platforms such as Active Campain, Get Response, Mailchimp, Constant Contact among others that offer many functions to create impactful content.

Once you have decided which one you want to use, you must define the content of the newsletter and what are the objectives you are looking to achieve. In this way, you can organize the actions you want to carry out with your readers and thus be able to measure your results.

Here you can find ideas and template designs for your shocking newsletter.

2. Segment shipments

Computer screen with emails.

When you manage to personalize the content, you will be able to be aware of the interests and needs of your audience and know the reasons why they have decided to subscribe to your newsletter, and provide them with the appropriate information.

As we mentioned earlier, how often you send your newsletter is crucial; if you need to share a lot of information you should stay mostly active. Remember the commitment you have to your readers and provide them with high-quality content to keep them looking forward to your next posts.

3. Choose the format that best suits you

Here you can opt for plain text or HTLM.

If you choose to send your newsletter in HTLM format you should know:

  • The quality of the design is essential for the format to be really attractive.
  • This format is vulnerable to anti-spam filters, unlike plain text submissions.
  • You will be able to know how your subscribers behave when sending your newsletters and know if they have read them.
  • This format will allow you to know the links that have been visited and in this way know which have been the most interesting.
  • The HTLM format is much more attractive than plain text because here you can choose colors both in the texts and in the background of the sheet and you can include images that always have a greater impact.
  • If you opt for the Plain Text option you need to know that:You can't include images or graphics.
  • You don't have the option to call to action.
  • It has some advantages; sending the newsletter can be simpler and compatible with all operating systems.
  • They have the characteristic of being more personalized emails so they give the feeling of closeness and are not massive.

4. Define the approach with shocking news

Talking about one or two topics that are the main ones in your newsletter is the best option. These types of emails should be easy to read, so they should be concise. It is better to redirect to certain links that complement the information you have shared than to saturate the reader of the first instance. Pay attention to the language with which you are going to address them and maintain consistency in your content, make it interesting for your readers to click on.

The average size of a newsletter is 600px by 30px. Although they can be longer, there is a risk that they will be directed to the Spam tray.

5. Give identity to the newsletter by personalizing it

Personalizing will be essential to make your newsletter more effective. By approaching your customers or subscribers you will get them to perceive it as if it had been written specifically for each one.

It's not enough to just add the name of each person in your database; for example, if your company has several products, in the traffic you register from the visits you will realize what your users are usually looking for. That is, if Ana frequently visits the food supplement section, you can address her, mentioning that you have some promotion.

In this link, you will find ideas to customize this type of mail.

6. Make your newsletter contain different sections

An organized newsletter will be very attractive and easy to read. For this you must:

  • Create a structure, to obtain it, you will have to decide and define how you will start writing the newsletter: title, a body of content, and footer.
  • Choose templates that help you sort the content you want to present and maintain a similar identity to your other digital marketing content.
  • Consider the design compatible for all types of displays.

7. Specify the subject of the email

The subject of the newsletter is crucial for your audience to be attracted to open it. It must be original, creative, and above all interesting:

  • Make use of good humor: this is a way to create a connection with people. Not all posts need it but it works great for updates to your blog and should be employed in specific cases where your audience understands what you're talking about.
  • It provokes controversy but without exaggeration: a matter with a sense of alertness can be extremely striking, but care must be taken not to generate yellowing.

8. Don't forget the footer of the Email

This cannot be missing in the format of your newsletter. Include the icons of your social networks and other platforms in which your readers can continue to find the necessary information about your blog, product, or company.

It is essential to place all your contact details so that they can stay in communication with you. This way you will give them greater confidence.

9. Choose outstanding images

Images for shocking news.

Images are crucial to creating a greater impact in the design of your newsletter. These must be of excellent quality and not abused in their use. Remember that you must transmit professionalism at all times.

10. Call to action

Just as you seek to generate interest in your subscribers, show them that you are also interested in their opinions. This will bring you good results since you will be able to know a little more about the interests of those who read you and thus make adjustments and improvements to your content.

Newsletters will help you fulfill different purposes to boost your brand or company, generating interaction with readers in addition to getting more traffic to your website.

Have these tips helped you to design a high-impact newsletter? Let us know by leaving your comments.

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