10 tips to create quality content for your blog

Having good content involves more than just writing. Discover the list of 10 tips to create quality content on your blog and make your website successful. Attract traffic and increase your audience with these tricks.
Crear contenido para tu blog

Writing content is not just about sitting down and writing the first thing that comes to mind along with some images, and it is not about making copy-paste of the competition. Writing a good publication involves prior knowledge, research, and creativity.

If what you want is a website that really offers you returns, it is important to invest time and effort in the strategy so that your blog is successful and gets your audience.

The first thing to do is focus on content, style, organization, design, and aesthetics. And in this blog, we will tell you how. We give you a list of 10 tips and tricks to create quality content on your blog that attracts traffic and attracts attention:

1.- Define the objective of your blog

Although you probably already have a brand identity, it is also necessary to look for what each item you are going to make is for.

Whether it's growing newsletter subscribers, increasing traffic, or increasing audience, asking the question, what is this post for? It will be possible to determine more easily the orientation that we will give to the content, including both the information to be given as well as the tone and the wording.

Blogger creating content for a website

For example, if you want to grow your newsletter, it is better for you to create informative content, which encourages the reader to want to receive more and to subscribe. On the contrary, if you want to increase the audience, your focus is more on meeting their needs and inviting them to participate, comment, and follow on social networks.

2.- Research trends

In order to generate content that is attractive to your audience, you must constantly be on the lookout for trends. Start by entering your industry, it is necessary that you also be aware of what is happening around you, as if you were just another client. Find out about the latest news, updates, and also keywords that people are searching for.

You must be attentive to the events that are happening or are going to happen, either on or off the Internet to create content with reference to them. Rest assured that doing this will help you attract more audiences to your content and give you a more professional image.

Now, with search engines already positioned like Google, we are just one click away from being able to use their tools like Google Trends or Answer the Public to know what our target audience is looking for. This way you make sure to offer articles that have a high chance of being read.

3.- Analyze your audience and talk to them

Do you know your audience? Do you really know what they want and need to read?

You also need to have your ideal client well defined, and put yourself in their place, in order to generate content that is useful to them and attract them and satisfy their needs. Always think about their problems and find a way to solve them through your content.

Brainstorming to define audience

4.- Choose the right tone

This section also includes the tone of voice. Define if it will be serious, cheerful, neutral, personal, all this based on the values ​​and personality of the company. This will help you style your content and communicate the same image in each of your words.

Use the resources of language to reinforce the message of your brand, its personality, and its values. And don't forget to always keep the same tone in everything you believe.

5.- Focus on your expertise and personal experiences

It is very evident when content is generated outside the subject or area of ​​expertise, and that can cause the loss of audience. So, try to specialize and focus your resources on meeting specific needs. Determine your topics very well and have your list of predetermined categories.

Likewise, the issue of humanizing the brand should always be taken into account. If a business is seen just to make the money, it usually gets public rejection.

One way to avoid that is by selling experiences and feelings through your content. Talk to your audience as if you were another person and achieve empathy by sharing experiences, advice, and recommendations from a personal point of view. This will make your audience empathize with you.

6. Be 100% original

Although surely whatever your topic, there will already be thousands of posts with the same content, you cannot lose the originality and style. And it is always possible to generate 100% original content.

Systematic and replicated content is boring, so putting effort into how you write and present the information to the public to keep them interested is worth it.

7. Pay attention to design

Another big determinant when it comes to reading content is the format. For example, an article with too small letters, an excessive number of ads, or without a good structure causes the reader to leave in less than 20 seconds. Therefore, it is essential to maintain visual stimulation.


Our recommendations are:

-Use subtitles and short paragraphs, put bold where it is important, and complement with images and videos where you think it is necessary to make reading enjoyable.

Creating content for a blog: headings

-Use in each post a coherent proportion between words and images: a longer article will need to be accompanied by more images than a short one to decongest the reading.

-Use lists that help you not only organize content but also facilitate your audience.

-Don't forget that any information you give must be supported and truthful. Giving an image with credibility is decisive for the loyalty of your readers. Also, if you are recommending, for example, tools, it is important to include the hyperlink to them, so that your audience can feel that you are really solving their needs.

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8.- Encourage the participation of your audience

Don't just offer content for your audience to keep and go. But encourage them to participate, follow you, comment. You can do this through questions related to the topic, or by adding buttons and banners that point to external sites or internal sections of the web. Blogs are the perfect way to insert calls to action since they can be generated with related topics and their possibilities are extremely high.

9.- Use a suitable structure

Depending on the type of content you create news, lists, success stories, it is important to have a defined and coherent structure.

If you are already clear about what you want to tell, now it is necessary to see how you are going to tell it, following an appropriate order so that all the content has logic. Here is the simplest one to start with that can be adapted to most types of content:

What structure should a post have?

  • Title: Concise, that hooks the reader.
  • Introduction: Concise exposition on the subject and what will be read.
  • Body: In-depth description of what you want to tell.
  • Outcome: Conclusion of what was approached and final recommendations. Calls to action are included here.

10.- Observe the competition

Something that cannot be put aside is to keep an eye on the competition. Identify the leaders of your industry and analyze the reasons why they have positioned themselves in the first places:

What kind of content do they offer? How do they target their audience? What makes them stand out?

With this in mind, you can use it as inspiration to create attractive content or as an improvement, to enhance something that they lack.


As we already mentioned, generating content is more than just writing. Good blog content is one that is useful, original, solves problems, and offers an emotional response without forgetting the visually attractive and easy-to-read part.

So, we hope that these recommendations will be useful to you to become an excellent blogger and start generating quality content that attracts your audience. Finally, do not forget that a blog is something dynamic, so it has to be constantly reviewed and updated to stay relevant and meet the objectives.

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