20 digital tools to create content for your blogs

Creating content is one of the most important aspects of digital marketing for any type of business. Discover 20 digital tools to create original content for your blog that will help you generate web traffic to your site.
Cómo crear contenido para tu blog

Creating digital content is one of the most important aspects if we talk about digital marketing and web traffic for any type of business. And it’s not just about creating, it’s about being results-oriented. Sometimes, it can get a bit complicated when looking for original and unique strategies. That is why knowing tools that help facilitate work, make it simpler and optimize it is essential.

In this blog we present our top 20 digital tools to create content for your blog. Find resources that will help you with text, images, videos and more different types of content to add value to your site and enrich your audience:

Tools for creating creative content

1.- Padlet

Padlet is a collaborative whiteboard that allows different users to work together to create different resources: articles, timelines, newsletters, audio and video files, portfolios and more.

One of the most interesting tools with a wide range of possibilities and that allows to exploit joint creativity to develop unique projects. Definitely one that you should consider having if you own a blog.

Cost: Free

Map Padlet | Tool to create content for your blogs

2.- Powtoon

Powtoon is a page that has become popular in recent years, as it began to be implemented in schools and universities to offer original visual content.

However, it can also be used by content creators, as it allows making videos and animated presentations by combining text, images, music or video in a unique way. With this tool you can make sure you get your reader's attention and keep them interested in your blog.

Cost: Free with watermark and maximum 3 minutes of video. They also have business plans starting at $ 19 a month.

Video Editor Powtoon | Digital Tools

3.- Genial.ly 

Genially allows you to create and embed a wide variety of creative content on our blog; Infographics, interactive images, presentations, maps, galleries, resumes, calendars and many other designs. Through its templates it is possible to customize the contents to suit our needs.

Cost: Free

4.- Qzzr

Qzzr helps to make questionnaires directed to your users, in real time. Its designs are modern and 100% responsive to any device. This can be a tool that positively complements your readers but also gives you results on their preferences, so it is certainly recommended.

Cost: $24.67 per month

5.- Apester

Apester is a tool that allows you to create tests, surveys and video questions in an interactive way to share them with the audience on your blog. The best thing is that it has thousands of templates, making this task quite simple.

Cost: $29 per month.

Apester | Tools for creating online surveys

Tools to create videos, images and other resources

6.- Canva

Canva has become one of the design tools par excellence for any user who needs to create quick resources and have all the options in one place. Create simple images and videos in different formats using the templates and resources they offer you and upload them in your blog

Cost: Free with the basic plan.

7.- Chart Blocks

Chart Blocks is a tool for creating online charts in minutes. Undoubtedly the perfect option to accompany your statistics and data articles, giving it truthfulness and reinforcing the message of your blog. The best thing is that it is easy to use.

Cost: The personal plan is free and includes up to 50 graphics.

Chart Blocks - Create graphics

8.- CloudApp

CloudApp is a screen recorder, perfect for creating and sharing tutorials, enriching your audience by showing how to do something from your computer. The video can be exported in various formats to embed on your blog.

Cost: Free up to 90 seconds y $9.95 individual plan with no limit.

9.- Piktochart

Piktochart is a tool that allows you to create presentations and infographics in a professional way using its templates. It is preferred by many to present statistics in a formal way in their blogs.

Cost: Free (you can only have 5 templates) or pro for $ 14 per month.

Piktochart Tool- Infographics made with templates

Tools to optimize

10.- Calmly Writer

Calmly Writer is the best tool for writing without distractions, since it allows you to view only the paragraph you are writing. The best thing is that it also gives you the option to save your articles in the cloud to post them later on your blog.

Cost: Free

11.- Ever Note

This app allows you to insert opinions, record audios and save articles online to reference them later; with a perfect synchronization in each device that you have it installed. The most useful thing about this digital tool is that it also allows collaboration, allowing you to create shared accounts so that different people have access.

We highly recommend it if you are one of those people who get inspiration in the most unexpected moments and would like to write it down immediately so you don't forget it.

Cost: Free with basic plan and $9.99 premium.

Evernote | Digital tools for taking notes

12.- Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner is a tool for creating SEO digital content. It helps you get lists of keywords related to the topics you want to work with, making your work easier and helping you to position your blog.

Costo: free.

13.-  Remove.bg

Remove.bg is a free tool to remove the background from images but not only that, but it also allows you to replace it with another. So, if you have images that you would like to use but the background does not convince you, you can easily change it to another that goes more with your blog's image and brand.

Cost: Free with basic features or costs ranging from $ .20 to $ .90 per image.

14.- Bit.ly

Bit.ly is a powerful tool that certainly makes a difference. It is responsible for creating short URLs for blogs, facilitating access for the user and giving you analytics such as the source of traffic, geography, how many clicks it has received and much more.

15.- Tweak your Biz

Tweak your biz shows you different ideas to create titles derived from the same term and divides them into blogs, how to, lists and more. This will give you many creative ideas to generate more attractive titles for your site.

Tweak your Biz Title Generator for your blog

Free resource banks

16.- Freepik

Freepik is one of the best known tools to get images for free with a free use license. Find everything from animated designs to professional images and download them without any hassle. Of course, as long as they belong to the free section and remember that you can only download 3 images a day.

17.- Unsplash

In this platform you will only find professional images, mainly uploaded by photographers. Find a variety of quality visual content and download it for free with no limits.

18.- Pexels

Pexels is one of our favorite tools, with a huge library and very easy to explore and download the images you want. With a free use license and it also has a bank of high quality videos.

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19.- Giphy

Giphy is a website that everyone knows. And it allows you to find thousands of files in GIF format. Undoubtedly an essential visual element to add the original touch to any blog and enrich the information presented. Of course, find the right ones that go with your tone and brand.

20.- SoundCloud

SoundCloud specialized in audio allows you to work with this type of files and embed them in the blog in a simple way. Enhance the user experience in your blog with sounds that go with what you are presenting.


Digital tools undoubtedly allow us to automate processes, exploit our creativity and optimize the time it takes us to create content for our blog. That is why it is important to know them, identify which ones could work better for us and start using them to our benefit.

We hope that this post has helped you find different tools that serve as sources of inspiration to create creative resources and begin to provide valuable content to your readers. If you were interested in this topic, continue reading:


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