5 Best Sites to Create Your Resume with CV template

Writing a good resume can be intimidating. How do you know what employers want to know? How do you make sure it looks good? To have a professional resume that gives you a good image, it’s best to use a CV template. Discover the best sites that offer them here.

A good resume is more than a long list of work and academic experience. For many employers, the most relevant aspect of a CV is a balanced diversity of skills, knowledge, training, and experience. It can be hard to imagine what a resume like this would look like without it looking too crowded. However, good design is the key, so you’ll be sure not to leave crucial information out without sacrificing a pleasant and understandable visual layout. Of course, we’re not all graphic designers and when you’re writing your first resume it can be intimidating because you don’t know what will appeal to employers. That’s why there are templates for CVs. Here are five very good options to create your CV from templates.


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For your graphic design needs, Canva is here to help you. Many times we have personal projects that we want to look good but we do not have the budget to hire a designer, for example for invitations or posters for a personal event or even a school project. Canva covers that need, it’s a site full of simplified graphic design tools. It has a variety of templates depending on the project you have in mind, a poster, brochure, business card… They are all quite editable and you can give the template another purpose if it helps you for something else.

Among their templates, they have many for curriculum vitae. You have the option to buy a pro membership or to use the free email site by registering with an email. There are times at Canva when premium options far outweigh free ones, but when it comes to resume templates that’s not the case. There are many options and all have a great style.

On the other hand, Canva is not a specialized site in resumes or the job market, so the only thing that can help you is in the design. There are no specialized options for the creation of a CV as such, although the template is very customizable, everything is directed towards a certain quality of design, not towards the quality of the content. Something you can do to help you is to review several templates. see what items each suggests and once you see a design you like to incorporate the categories you feel are needed to show the totality of your skills and experiences.

Try Canva and see all the templates they have for you.

Novo Resume

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This is a site dedicated to professional experience. Unlike Canva, Novo Resume is already a specialized CV creation site. This site will be next on the list and makes an important distinction between «resume» and curriculum, in addition to including specialized tools to cover all the requirements that may apply to your future employers.

In sites dedicated to CVs such as Novo Resume, the difference that is established between «resume» and curriculum, has to do with the career of the user. The resume is classified as for students looking for internships or people just starting their working life. While, for its part, the curriculum vitae is going to be for seniors, people with a career and work experience already of years. These classifications help to make the information entered in the template better targeted to the individual’s trajectory.

Moreover, it also offers templates for «cover letter» or cover letter. This is especially useful if you’re looking to apply for a scholarship or study program. It’s never easy to know what they’re looking for you to say about yourself and Novo Resume solves much of the problem by giving you the option of a template that covers all the important points.

However, not everything is wonderful: the free version of Novo Resume does not include cover letter tools. It only includes a one-page resume, predefined layouts, and you can only create a resume. Not bad if you need a quick fix for your first resume. But if you need anything else, you should invest at least in the $16 monthly plan to access: 10 resume pages or CV, cover letter, 9 extra fonts, professional video tutorials, specialized sections, and icons to illustrate interests and causes.

Click here to find out if Novo Resume is for you.

Resume io

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This site is a much more friendly version of Novo resume, as it has many more features in its free version. Just like Novo Resume makes a distinction between resume and resume but allows you to create much more without having to invest in a monthly.

Resume io has a tool called «builder», a creative space for resumes, CVs, and cover letters. In it, you can take a template and edit it to your liking or create with even greater freedom with the help of the platform. The «builder» for curriculum and cover letters is not enabled for the free version only for resumes.

Unlike Novo Resume, Resume io opens up other help options for cover letters. With the free version, you can access templates that will help you to listen to a convincing cover letter and that will have a nice format. Although, if you need a resume template or editor, you’ll need to buy a membership.

The other free features that Resume has are the following: downloadable TXT file for copies, paste and design your resume or cover letter, you can share online links that redirect to your resume, a library of resume examples, You can log in to your account to edit and access your resume or cover letter.

Explore more of Resume io here.

Genius resume

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Our penultimate choice for CV creation is Resume Genius. And yes, it’s a pretty cool option. It offers plenty of flexibility and free options to create a featured CV. It’s quite similar to Zety (our favorite) but he has a special focus on resumes, that is, here you won’t find help writing extremely detailed resumes but you will do a CV for your first job.

With Resume Genius, you can access a lot of tools to make sure you make an excellent first impression when sending your CV. In addition to having templates for resumes have the option of a builder, so all your options are customizable. They also have a blog with practical tips for writing resumes, so it is an option that does not leave you anywhere in the process. This is especially nice considering that it is specially designed for resumes, to write your first work experiences.

It also has a section dedicated to cover letters. Which is quite useful thinking that they are quite requested to access university programs, apply for scholarships, or even participate in academic competitions. Resume Genius does not abandon you in your first experiences of applying for employment or presenting yourself properly to any institution or corporate.

Learn more about Resume Genius here.


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Zety is a very well-thought-out curriculum vitae creation site. It has a lot of features to create something that suits your needs, looks good but doesn’t leave out any relevant information for employers. Besides that the platform is very simple to use, it is friendly to anyone no matter how experienced you are in graphic design.

The instructions are simple: choose a CV template, fill it out, format it and you’re done. They have over 18 CV templates, all with professional styles and different information options. Once you choose a template, it will ask you to fill out a series of forms to add your information to your CV. Something unique about Zety is that when entering previous jobs she already has job descriptions so you don’t have to spend hours thinking about how to tell what you did in your job. In addition, each is qualified by labor experts and they know which ones are most liked by employers.

Zety at no time mentions being free but also does not have a tab for plans or memberships. Simply enter your data and you will be asked to register to save your work and start editing your resume. If anyone finds any tricks on this site and it turns out that somewhere it has paid features, tell us in the comments. But so far it is an option as complete as Resume io ( because you can access a template for CV, resume, or cover letter as well as for a «builder») but with many more free features and we love that.

Learn more about Zety here.


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Writing a resume is not easy, you need to know what employers want to know about you and present it nicely. That’s why it’s best to use a CV template. Depending on your needs there are free and paid options to write your CV with a template. The best options are editable and free and take into consideration the first experiences of resume writing as well as other requirements that may request you as cover letters.

Which platform would you like to try? Tell us in the comments.

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