5 Sites to Transcribe for Money

As a freelancer, you always need to have work alternatives. Transcribing for money is a good option to get extra income, especially when you’re starting or waiting for feedback from some customers. Here you have 5 sites that pay to transcribe and the requirements they ask for.

When you are a freelancer of any kind, you want to have more than one source of income. Many times you are looking for new customers or waiting for their response to close deals, in that time you can not stand idly by, you have to find ways to make your income continue to increase. That’s why it’s a good idea to look for jobs that don’t take up too much time but that is a salvation for the slack months of work. A good idea is to transcribe for money. Several internet pages offer this service and they usually look for people to do the work below we offer you a list of online transcription sites that they are always paying for.

GMR Transcription

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GMR is a company founded in 2004. Since then they have been developing translation and translation solutions for companies and individuals. On their website, they have a tab called «careers» in which they are always looking for staff to perform these two jobs and live in the United States.

GMR promises its customers 99% accuracy in their transcripts so they demand a lot from the people they hire. To be able to transcribe for money with them you will have to take a transcription test in which your level of English will also be evaluated. The company also mentions that it looks for detailed-oriented people since it expects that when transcribing pays a lot of attention to any type of spelling or grammatical error that may arise.

Among the benefits they offer are:

  • Growth and continuous learning
  • No fees per enrollment or for taking the evaluation exam
  • No previous experience required
  • Working from home with flexibility
  • Estimated earnings between one thousand and three thousand dollars per month

Here you can learn more about the works available in GMR.


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In 2010, five MIT students decided to start with a website that would connect freelancers with people who needed their services. From this idea came Rev, who today has become one of the top sites for online transcriptions.

The first step to begin transcribing for money with Rev is to subscribe. You will need to go through an evaluation to demonstrate your English language skills and to show your transcribing skills. If approved, you can choose the jobs you want to transcribe. Rev will pay you each week for your work through PayPal. It is estimated that the average income is 245 dollars, the highest gain per month is 1495 dollars.

Unlike GMR, Rev accepts staff from different parts of the world. If you live in any of these countries you can apply to transcribe for money with Rev:

  • Australia
  • Canada
  • India
  • Ireland
  • Mexico
  • Netherlands
  • New Zealand
  • South Africa
  • United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
  • United States (except California)

Follow this link if you want to know more about Rev’s work to transcribe for money.


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Scribie is a company that offers automated or manual transcription services. The artificial intelligence they offer for audio and video transcribing is cheaper to use than the manual option but does not offer as many guarantees. The manual translation service is of high quality so they are always looking for personnel who can fulfill these tasks.

With Scribie you can work from home and earn from 5 to 25 dollars per hour of audio. They also have a system of benefits in which you are paid an extra $5 for every three hours of transfer completed. Scribie does not guarantee a monthly income but his best workers get to earn between 200 and 300 dollars a month.

To transcribe for money with Scribie you need to have a PayPal account. When you are sent to Scribir to transcribe for money, you will go through an evaluation process to be certified as a transcriber. You will then need to register a PayPal account. Through it, you can have what you are earning with Scribie because you can transfer it when you want to your bank account.

The only restriction on working with Scribie is not living in the state of California in the United States.

Follow this link if you want to know more about the jobs Scribie offers.


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Transcribe Me, is a website that adds artificial intelligence to human intelligence to provide transcription services. They are always available to hire more transcription staff in their «jobs» tab. There you will find an overview of the profile you are looking for and the job, but later on, you will have frequently asked questions and information resources about the job.

To work withTranscribe I only need to be over eighteen and have a PayPal account. Unlike other platforms, Transcribe Me accepts workers from anywhere in the world who meet those two requirements. In addition, as with all the other sites on this list, you can work at home and have the flexibility to work at your own pace and you can choose the audios and videos you want to transcribe, that is, they are not assigned, you choose.

The fee starts at $5 per hour. This refers to the length of the audio or video, not the time it takes you to transcribe. Although they also have specialized teams that pay more. For example, there is a specialized team to translate issues that involve medical topics, which because of their specialized vocabulary require another type of care.

Click this link if you want to work on Transcribe Me.

Daily Transcription

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For more than a decade, Daily Transcription has provided online transcription services. This service is distinguished from others by being the one that best pays its transcribers, reaches the minimum wage of the United States, so it is possible to live to transcribe if you work for this site. Although it is also very demanding with its requirements and has its limitations.

First, they only hire people who reside in the United States. If you are a certified translator you can make an exception, but only to transcribe you need to live in the United States as payments are made through checks. It is also possible to work for them if you live in Canada although they are proud to say that they are an American company.

On the other hand, you must be over eighteen and although they do not require you to list previous experience you must have a good level as a transcriber. You will need to go through an evaluation to show that you can at least transcribe 50 words per minute and have excellent English language skills.

Although when you compare it to the terms of other services, Daily Transcription indeed pays better. Rates start at 0.75-0.80 dollars per minute. It is estimated that a person can earn between 250 and 950 dollars per month.

If you think you qualify to work with Daily Transcription follow this link.

Conclusions on transcribing for money

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Any job is a good job. If you need some extra money don’t hesitate to look for opportunities that suit you. A flexible option is to transcribe for money through sites specialized in offering this service. If you meet the requirements to register in any of them do not hesitate, you have nothing to lose and everything to win.

Have you worked on transcribing before? Tell us in the comments.

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