7 blog post ideas for beginners

If you have taken the decision to start writing a blog and don’t know how, here are 7 ideas that will serve as an inspiration to start your project.

Writing a blog can be extremely fun, as it is one of the best strategies to send your message or promote a brand naturally and can reach a large number of people. Creating content is key to achieving this goal and before you start writing, you need to be clear about what you want to talk about.

If you have the concern to share your vision with the rest of the world but have not defined your topic yet then you will see the 7 topics on which to write and that generate more interest so that you can inspire yourself.

Tutorials: blog niche ideas

If you are an expert on a topic, you can start writing about it. Nowadays, many people are looking for solutions on the internet to learn about different topics. Sharing your knowledge about crafts, repairs, or whatever your specialty is, is a great way for you to generate an audience for your blog.

  • If you know about photography you can teach about Photoshop or give classes for beginners who are looking to learn how to take pictures from scratch.
  • For video game lovers you can design a blog where you explain step by step how to improve on challenges by perfecting the player’s skills.

Cooking: blog post ideas for begginers

Pizza on wooden table for blog ideas.

Starting in 2020, people around the world started cooking at home as they had never done before because they couldn't go out to eat in restaurants. Cooking blogs topics have become one of the most visited, so if this is your passion, you can start generating content on this topic, but not only that; you can make reviews of other people's recipes, invite your audience to share theirs, and promote interaction. By calling for action, readers will feel part of the project.

Advice: topics to write about

In this line, you have a wide range of options: beauty, personal care, motivation, education, etc. Here you can write articles on the topic you have chosen and in the same way, you can keep in touch with your readers to participate. It can be through a chat where your followers can ask you questions and comments and a discussion forum is developed.

This type of blog is known as lifestyle and although there are a variety of topics to choose from, it is advisable to have 2 or 3 that are the main ones, because this will give identity to your page and you will have a more defined audience in your blog.  This will also help you make what you write come naturally, so focus on the topics you’re passionate about.


Woman taking pictures in rocky landscape for blog.

Travel is one of the predilects topics, besides having a wide range of ideas to write about them. The culture of different places, their food, customs, the places of interest, the hotels you can recommend to those who follow you, show them photographs that enrich the experience and inspire them to want to be there.

As in all types of blogs, you should define the topic you want to talk about, so you should analyze what kind of audience you want to target:

  • If you are looking to promote the sights of your country.
  • Recommendations for trips between friends.
  • Travel for women or men.
  • Family travel.
  • Luxury travel.

Family travel.

For more inspiration, you can visit this post.


Woman doing yoga on blue mat for blog topics.

Talking about exercise on your blog can be very appealing. If for example, you practice perfectly yoga, this is a good idea for a niche for a beginner blog, because it is a practice that can be done at home without using gym equipment.

In this type of blog, videos become an essential part for your audience to follow you and practice the exercises you want to teach them. With the help of a tripod, good lighting, and your cell phone, you can generate your content without complications. You have to take care of the quality of your videos:

  • Choose places where there are no noises that contaminate production.
  • Even if you are at home, try to create an atmosphere according to the theme. In the case of yoga, you can place incense and figures that represent this philosophy of life.


If you are passionate about any sport, you can start a blog where you share news on this topic. Give results of matches, share your opinions and perform analysis tables in which you involve your audience.

You can start by talking about your favorite sport and monitor audience entries and participation. If you decide to create a discussion forum, you can partner with other bloggers to generate more interest and talk about all kinds of sports: basketball, soccer, tennis, baseball, etc. This niche has many options that you can take advantage of it.


Dog running happy on the grass for blog topics.

Talking about animals can be a lot of fun, as it doesn't just talk about pet education. Caring for animals is a topic that every day has a bigger number of interested people. What can you share in this blog?

  • Food supplements
  • Special care for pets
  • Animal shelters
  • Videos. These usually get a lot of attention, especially when they’re in comic situations.

Self-improvement: blog niche ideas

In this niche, you can share from personal experiences to research that you can share to help improve the mood of people who are reading to you. You can recommend books, diets that help you get a healthier body, etc. This topic covers the emotional and the physical so it can be a blog with great value content.

You can get more ideas by checking this post.

How can you start a blog?

Whatever topics to write about you have chosen, you should follow some steps to reach the audience you want to target successfully:

  • The content you share should always be updated.
  • Search for the most information to enrich your knowledge and that of your blog.
  • Use the terms or keywords used in the niche of your chosen blog. There are tools like Google Keyword Planner that will be very useful to you.

Starting to write a blog can seem complicated at the beginning, but with dedication and constancy, you can get to position it by having fun.

Have you decided to start writing your blog? Tell us what you thought of these ideas.

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