9 Steps to Being an Invincible Ux Content Writer

of user experiences (UX) in which references are made to the interaction of a product or service in which it is shown how and for what users use the products or relate to applications and the web, there is the UX writing or UX content writer. 

Within the world of user experiences (UX) in which references are made to the interaction of a product or service in which it is shown how and for what users use the products or relate to applications and the web, there is the UX writing or UX content writer. This is responsible for designing the conversations and interaction between users and digital platforms, that is, developing the written content of each page and showing the user step by step how to behave within the platform. 

A UX content writer must interpret what happens to the user

People working with post it and designs as an example of a UX content writer.

(From the emotions) to identify the right words that allow him to communicate properly with him, but beware, this content is not advertising. The intention of generating this content is to be useful and concious, it does not seek that the page gets more visits, but to keep users comfortable in their navigation process as well as to concentrate on the objectives of the business that promotes the page for which you are writing.

These texts are based on the visual design that the page already has and make the result intuitive and simple. As much as the design and the text go hand in hand, since if you do not have well-planned written content, in the action buttons you can have complications integrating the texts or not be able to perform translations if the interface has limited space.

What does a UX content writer do?

Pink post it with phrases as an example of what a UX content writer does.

A UX writer is responsible for performing different tasks in a UX design process. Including:

  • Write content that is consistent and ordering for a digital platform.
  • Provide simplicity and facilities for users to achieve their goals within the platform.
  • It defines how the voice of the brand is expressed and how it is addressed to its users.
  • Define the narrative you want to develop through the product.
  • Work from the beginning and hand in hand with designers to structure each screen optimally. This point is extremely important but unfortunately, it is not implemented in this way.
  • Structure the brand’s manual of style with tone and expression guidelines. This is the guide that UX writers adhere to whenever they need to produce content for new developments.

UX Editorial Profile

  • The content of the UX writer must be the absolute of the product. This is will provide you with an explanation to one in a simplified way.
  • Synthesis power: Turns good ideas into buttons and with few characters, which is a skill that any UX writer should be able to handle.
  • The ability to synthesize the complex operation of different digital devices into simple and accurate downloads on the screens with which the user interacts is the only way to perform this functionally.
  • Power of anticipation: The UX content writer must be able to anticipate user needs to maximize content efficiency to minimize errors. It is also necessary to know how to anticipate an effective screen design to better integrate this content.

How should the contents be in UX?

Young man working with notes to sort ideas as an example of a UX content writer.

The contents of a UX writer must meet the following objectives in order to function properly:

  • Functional: functional content is one that has allowed the user to meet the navigation objectives correctly.
  • Understandable: Understandable content is simple and understandable. It does not resort to technicalities or terminologies that the user cannot understand.
  • Usable: this content is the one that is able to lead the user to achieve their goal, helping them to understand the functionality and making the experience easy, removing complex processes from the medium.
  • Enjoyable: it helps to generate a link that is positive with users; these contents are aesthetic and pleasing to the user’s eyes.
  • Motivants: motivating content is what encourages the user to continue using the platform.

The UX Writing content writer must follow some guidelines that allow him to generate the appropriate content, reducing errors.

Basic principles of UX Writing

Notebook with white pages.

Setting an objective. Here he defines what he wants to get and where he wants to take the user as well as defines what he wants to transmit.

  • Concise writing: goes quickly to the point and is effective. It does not ramble since a UX content writer must use a few characters to convey an idea that is understandable to users.
  • Short texts: it has been proven that long texts bore users, so the use of bold and listing are very effective for writers of this type of content.
  • Avoid the use of technicalities: the language should be clear and understandable.
  • Use exemplifying verbs: this type of content should have examples that facilitate the understanding of what is sought to be transmitted.
  • Your writing is done in active voice: a UX content writer, writes through the user’s voice.
  • Use numbers: numbers help the user understand the text more quickly.

Currently there are a huge number of pages and applications that compete every day to have the largest number of users who are loyal to them in order to grow. The design and the work that is dedicated to them, are what becomes the voice of your business, so this voice must be efficient and attractive and although it requires a great job, the result will be worth it when the necessary resources are used to make them hear you and see you.

Do you already apply this work on your page or application? Let us know by leaving a comment.

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