A clever use of social networks: their pros and cons

Do you know you can use social media to your advantage? Beyond watching videos of cats or the latest celebrity scandal, this method of communication exists so that we can make the most of them. Learn how to use them wisely, keep them in mind in your day today and take advantage of their commercial advantage.
The best vibe for your social media

Do you know you can use social media to your advantage? Beyond watching videos of kittens or the latest celebrity scandal, this method of communication exists so that we can make the most of them. Learn how to use them wisely, keep them in mind in your day today and take advantage of their commercial advantage.

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Maintaining a good social media presence has been the commercial “springboard” for thousands of people around the world. A little more than ten years ago it was completely incomprehensible that anyone would want to produce videos for an internet platform, or that they would try to relate their travels and experiences through a personal blog. However, it has now become standard for us to listen to children or teenagers to be YouTubers or creators of content for networks such as Instagram, Twitter, or Twitch.

The situation is that these and many other media have come to dominate, as fundamental media. In addition to providing accessibility to the daily information that anyone needs, it also benefits with immediate interaction, practically free and as comfortable as possible, since it is not necessary to move and spend extra time to communicate with several people at the same time. However, the content of social networks does not cease to be an interactive trajectory that we must constantly review, because it is evident that it has its respective pros and cons, like everything that is useful for humanity.

The communicative difference and social media ads

Now that the physical plane has stopped importing to communicate and even offer products and services, the commercial strategy of the "word of mouth" has been worn, that is, the extraordinary satisfaction of a client who decides to communicate his excellent experience with a company. In the same way, those who have already decided to spread their advertising by these means no longer only have the competition with their neighbors or the establishments of their own city. With the sophistication of deliveries in the parcel media now the competitive disadvantage is practically national, international, and global.

However, for every conflict, there is a way. By entering into the commercial game of broadcasting, we can realize that the analysis of social networks is such a complex task but that can make your trajectory for them have much fewer difficulties. Do you think it’s only worth making social media ads? You should know that your behavior in them and the experience you receive in your Screen Time is similar to that of your potential customers.

And as empathetic as you are to some company or brand of your liking, the reality is that we all tend to skip ads as fast as we can or just ignore them and represent us as much annoyance as to defect from continue sliding on the cell phone or see more social media content in general. For example, in the video, below we detail how it is to work making content for such a delicate medium as the podcast with subtle sponsors in between, that is, with subtle cuts in your podcast to offer a service or external product:

Social media tools make it possible to work delivering value content with ads and advertising that are subtle enough.

Ads are the cheapest and even the most tasteless tool that can be offered to our audience, so think of other ways to accompany this advertising. There’s no point in saturating your audience with your primary purpose of buying and consuming, because the relationship with them becomes that, a simple professional exchange, when other markets are offering an experience and are being nurtured from the start with content that can be more valuable to them than a substance-free purchase.

Social media tools

Some people interacting in their social media through their laptop and phone, onto the best social media tools.

Without a doubt, through social networks, it is easier to create an environment with which customers identify. That way your decision making when buying will be under an atmosphere of trust and security because the company has treated you well from the beginning, has given them the confidence to offer without compromise a series of contents of value and intellectual or entertainment capital that cause greater impact on them, in their judgment.

This translates into a shift from simply offering its services to establishing a link between brand and consumer. There is no longer any explicit advertising in the medium, the only evidence is given and it is shown that the company is interested in its public and can have an organic network presence, which does not even require an economic budget, but the creativity of its human capital and technology. These social media tools can be likened to a fundamental writing and creation technique for quality works, audiovisual, graphic, or literary: show don’t tell. You can learn more about Show don't tell technique in a Master Class article.

Pros and cons

Most networks have the advantage of having free access, so in this way, you also get more merit by creating a presence in those, because it was thanks to the attraction of quality content. The level of users who watch what you offer is much higher than if you disbursed a hefty amount of money to make commercials and tangible advertising as if you were a political party. Advertising campaigns require a large budget when traditional media have lost a large audience since the proliferation of content on the internet.

The interaction is in real-time, so you can know if the relationship between company and user is getting good results or you need to change the strategy. However, it is easy to recognize with its advantages that it is not a strategy that can be seen in the short term from the beginning, it must form a strong base and take care of the environment that feeds this process. We will have to have a plan that helps us when there are conflicts because we will be the ones who provide from the beginning to the consumer, the commercial role has been transformed into that, towards the economy of gratitude that Gary Vaynerchuk also explains in his book. You can read a summary of his ideas in "The Thank you Economy". As we can see, the advantages of social networks can be diverse.

Although this is an up-to-date efficiency, some conflicts make networks a space that requires moderation and judgment. It is easy with these strategies to generate content that is attractive enough to create an addiction to what can be seen on a simple screen that fits in your pocket. As a means of entertainment and dissemination it is a wonderful tool, however, let us constantly note our judgment, or else it is a waste of time and a call to procrastination. Use social media with that in mind.

Stay with your own criteria

In the same way, you should ensure that your digital trail does not leave you problems in the future. Although we know that in every account there is a person, with a history, problems, and character, the truth is that now everything stays on the internet, So let us try to reach the future without shame and give proper advice to those who do not know of the havoc that their behavior can cause, both for themselves and for their environment.

girl taking a selfie for her proper social media tools

It is important to be careful how connected we are to social media, both in the amount of time and in the dedication we give them to our life. It is necessary to provide greater awareness that the images do not correspond to reality, many times are idealizations of others and an imaginary pressure that can be broken with enough security as an intelligent user. Both receivers and senders of these media have the responsibility to make social networks the safe and accessible spaces we need.

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