How to create a great content FAQ page

The FAQ section on your page is an indispensable tool to solve your clients’ questions and keep you close to them. Know what tools are needed to have excellent content.

10 tips to create a shocking newsletter

A newsletter is one of the most effective ways to reach your customers. This must have an impressive design to generate more traffic to your different social networks and website. Here are some tips to help you design it successfully.

How important are the mission vision and values in your company?

visión de la empresa, misión de la empresa, la visión de la misión y los valores

We must bear in mind that any enterprise is based on a community of people who associate for the achievement of common ends. The personal goals of the entrepreneur must be coordinated with the goals of the organization. Therefore it is necessary to have a mission and company vision.

9 social media to publicize your blog posts

A blog is a way to publicize your brand and share your knowledge. Through online media it’s easier to reach more people and generate traffic to your blog. Discover the 9 social media apps to publicize your blog.

eBooks: Guide to generate leads like on your personal blog

generar clientes potenciales, ejemplos de blogs, blog personal

The path to success for any B2B business is lead generation. A key part of bringing your story to the right people is to generate leads. With eBooks, you can achieve these goals and others at the same time, just like you’re writing a personal blog!

Top 15 social media apps used in 2021

Social networks are becoming increasingly important in any activity of everyday life, as they facilitate communication between millions of people around the world. Here we list the most used social media apps in 2021.

What should your company’s policies and procedures manual have?

policies and procedures manual, procedures manual, manual

In order to generate the desired results in an organization, minimize the resources of your workforce and have the ability to adapt to the needs of these, it is essential to have the policies and procedures manual, that is, procedures manual with which you can manage your business in the most functional and disciplined way possible.

Accurate translation: more important than you think

Translating isn’t just any job. Online automatic translators are cheap and fast but they don’t always have the best quality, so it’s important to have quality control and hire experts. Learn more about how to have an accurate translation here.

7 blog post ideas for beginners

If you have taken the decision to start writing a blog and don’t know how, here are 7 ideas that will serve as an inspiration to start your project.