The best copywriting strategy | How to do PAS copywriting

PAS copywriting, copywriting strategy

PAS copywriting formula stands for pain-agitate-solve. This can save time and energy compared to coming up with unique combinations from scratch. A writing formula uses proven and effective writing strategies that can be adapted to any topic. Check this super effective copywriting strategy.

My perfect resume written in no time | Be a resume genius

winner resume template, my perfect resume, resume genius

This guide is designed to achieve a winner resume template. You’ll learn how to structure the many sections of your career document: how to ensure a spelling error isn’t introduced. Your creation will be something you’ll want to show to the world when you’re done, in order to be a resume genius.

How to Make a slogan that suits your brand (with slogan examples)

slogan examples, company slogan, how to make a slogan

Slogans play a substantial part in a brand’s marketing strategy, it is vital to cover the basics of what a slogan is. Let’s find out what makes a company slogan different from other marketing tools, what types can come in, and how to create such a catchy, creative and commendable company slogan.

How important are the mission vision and values in your company?

visión de la empresa, misión de la empresa, la visión de la misión y los valores

We must bear in mind that any enterprise is based on a community of people who associate for the achievement of common ends. The personal goals of the entrepreneur must be coordinated with the goals of the organization. Therefore it is necessary to have a mission and company vision.

eBooks: Guide to generate leads like on your personal blog

generar clientes potenciales, ejemplos de blogs, blog personal

The path to success for any B2B business is lead generation. A key part of bringing your story to the right people is to generate leads. With eBooks, you can achieve these goals and others at the same time, just like you’re writing a personal blog!

What should your company’s policies and procedures manual have?

policies and procedures manual, procedures manual, manual

In order to generate the desired results in an organization, minimize the resources of your workforce and have the ability to adapt to the needs of these, it is essential to have the policies and procedures manual, that is, procedures manual with which you can manage your business in the most functional and disciplined way possible.

Guide to Successful and Productive Email Marketing

Here are some email marketing tips.

If you are interested in learning how to make email marketing the most effective way to increase sales and also form a close community, in this article you will learn 10 email marketing tips that will increase your results immediately.

9 types of email marketing you need to send to your customers

Aquí tenemos las mejores ejemplos de marketing por correo electrónico

When it comes to email marketing, it’s best to know all the options we have on the table. Customers have diversified so much and to such an extent that it is impossible to want to immerse them in a single type of valuable content or email marketing.