Content Curation: the perfect addition to digital marketing.

Curating content isn’t just about making your site look cute or have nice content. You can do a lot with curated content when you use it in digital marketing strategies. Learn how here.

The worst tragedy of a website is not having visitors. That’s why it’s important to implement marketing strategies, to make sure that people, one way or another, are finding us. Many focus on social media promotion and it’s not bad, but there’s a lot more to do in digital marketing. Content curation can have a very positive impact on your digital marketing strategy. It turns out that people today want to have much more information in their hands and not just any kind of information, so resorting to content curation is so important. But how does it complement marketing? How do you achieve a successful strategy that integrates content? Here we go.

The impact of Content

Old newspapers to represent the importance of content

It’s easy to see the difference between the design of a site from the early 2000s and one from today, but the difference in content isn’t so obvious. Every page has always had content, there has to be some idea, something to say, something to guide visitors about what a website is about. Before, however, the content was not given so much weight.

For starters, there wasn’t an entire search engine optimization system. In turn, because there were few sites, there was little information. As the internet grew more people were adding content, which meant more quality sources as well as more with junk content or fake news. Which brought us to today, where search engines prioritize recommending relevant, trusted, and liked content by more people.

It is not enough today to have a clean design on a website, it is important to say something. Internet users are increasingly aware of the problem of false information. It has become common practice to double-check whether the information being consumed is correct or of the best quality, whether it is only being repeated on different sites or whether it is original content.

On the other hand, it is not enough to have content. We have said it in several posts: the content must be of quality. Imagine saying to someone: Toys but also tools with desserts and nothing didactic but very much for the imagination and fun. Did you understand what I meant? Obviously not. I’m talking about several things at once, I don’t establish what my theme is or my main message in terms of whether I say: I sell games made for the fun and imagination of children. That sounds much better. There is already a work of content curation, that is: of selecting information relevant to a topic.

However, something is still missing: character, uniqueness. How many people do you like selling toys on the internet? That would be the next facet in the curation process: give a direction to the content that makes it stand out from others. Here creative writing skills are involved, you have to understand what makes our site unique from any other and make it clear. Again, content curation comes to play a part in re-choosing what makes us unique and writing it creatively.

This emphasis on content and the taste of internet users for quality content impact consumer decisions. A potential buyer will want to see product service or brand reviews, will also want to see enough information on their website to be able to have confidence, and on the other hand, will compare with other sites. Which one are you going to trust the most? Which has the most original and vast content. Let’s talk about this in parts.

Online purchase process

Person checking curated content from business on their website

Before, the purchase process was much more linear. A buyer had a need, found a seller, after speaking with a salesperson a couple of times a sale could be made. With the amount of information currently available online, this is very different. A buyer can spend a lot more time comparing options and making a decision to speak directly with a seller.

By accessing as much information as you want online, you can jump from one option to the other and collect the data that is of interest to you. That’s why it’s important to have a good website. It may be that your company or your services are really good, but if your website is not twelve, you will be immediately discarded from the options.

Instead, with good content, you can demonstrate your true abilities. Being clear about what you can do for your customers is the basis of good content. We refer to all the content of your page, from what is on the homepage, what do you receive your visitors with? Even sharing about your company or yourself can help make you see yourself as a better choice over the competition.

Having curated content is a good digital marketing strategy. In this way, you could shorten the decision-making process of the customer, because by giving them relevant information you can eliminate doubts about who you are, your quality, and the benefits to offer. Curated content offers direct solutions for customers, gives them greater security to decide a purchase or contract. That’s why curated content can help you close more deals.

In turn, if what you share on social media is curated content, you’ll get more attention from the people you want to be your audience, buyers, or customers. People can find you more easily if you have curated content, which can improve your appearance in search engines.

If you want to know more about the purchasing process, read this blog about the phases of the purchasing process in e-commerce.

Improve SEO

Person using Google to improve SEO

The close relationship between SEO and content is undeniable. The optimization of search engines falls largely on the content, the internal and external links that are included, the alt descriptions of images, the length of the text, the keywords… But algorithms also quickly understand when something is relevant to a topic because of the context of the searches, the users who access that content, and the human interest they arouse.

What does this mean? That there are two ways to produce content: for robots or people. And it’s a complicated balance because, on the one hand, you want robots to understand what you’re talking about so they can recommend you to people. But at the same time, if you focus too much on meeting the specifications they require, you won’t be interesting to humans. Soon the robots will realize that despite meeting their specifications, the content itself is not relevant to people, and will stop recommending you.

How to avoid this? Content cannot be produced by artificial intelligence or algorithms, it must be human to human and created in an original way. That is, you have to have a good content team and especially one that is dedicated to content curation so that everything we have already produced is coupled to the established goals.

The process is not simple and can take quite some time. But there is no harm in hiring a content curation service. That investment can give you many short-term benefits. First of all, improved content will give you a better image.

If you need help improving your website’s SEO, I recommend this SEO: SEO Tools page.


People shaking hands to represent credibility created trhough content curation for digital marketing

As we mentioned at the beginning, a revolution is being created in online content. There is a lot of junk or fake content. Although many Internet users still share content blindly, many are entering a wave of awareness and who promote the review of information. There are even guides like this one from the BBC to identify fake news. What makes a source reliable? Transparency, originality, and depth of perspective.

Transparency is about showing who you are on a page. The "About Us" sections are not junk pages, on the contrary, they are the perfect tool to tell a compelling story about you, your business, your goals, and your professional ethics. Knowing this about you can help potential customers trust who they’re dealing with. Tell them what led you to create that site, what started the business, since when, what vision and mission you have… It’s all more important than you think.

Originality is not about reinventing language, not all of us have to be Shakespeare or Cervantes. It is, again, about generating content that is not a mere paraphrase or repetition of other pages. Some algorithms can help you paraphrase content, however, it’s not hard to notice when a site is resorting to this trick. If in addition, you are only copying, very quickly users will find your source and will lose interest. Remember, human content is made by humans.

Having an in-depth perspective on your topic will make you an authority. How to demonstrate your knowledge? With extensive and detailed content. If your content is concise and very basic, you will not generate trust among your visitors. Let’s take the example of those who sell toys online. How do you know if he’s a professional? Because it describes entirely its products, its purpose to create them, maybe it has a blog where it suddenly talks about the history of certain toys or the didactic benefits of these… The content goes beyond the superficial.

By combining these three features your content will be cured to make you a source of trust among internet users. With that curated content, you can generate better impressions among your visitors and they will recommend you. Do not underestimate the effectiveness of word-of-mouth recommendations as a marketing strategy. With curated content, this strategy thrives enormously.

Efficient content curation

Efficient person working on content curation for digital marketing

So far it has been discussed how curated content impacts the impression you generate and how it could be used in a digital marketing strategy. However, taking advantage of it requires a lot more planning. We’ve already said that producing content isn’t easy or quick, because you want your investment of time and effort to be exploited to the fullest.

For content curation to contribute to your digital marketing strategy, you have to think about how that content is going to be listened to. On the one hand, yes, quality content can move only successfully (be recommended by word of mouth) but beyond that, you have to learn to recommend it to those who are potentially interested and use it so that our visitors return to our site.

After you’ve generated curated content for our site, you have to go through the second phase of curation. For what? To suit our digital marketing campaigns. It is not the same to send a newsletter by email as to have a presence in a social network. That’s why it’s important to choose which content is best suited for each strategy. It might be good to include updates to our blog in the newsletter, while for Instagram you have to create images with quotes from our content. Only in this way will the desired efficiency be achieved.


Wall that says: live, work, create

Content curation has many benefits for digital marketing. On the one hand, content, being made for our needs better addresses our visitors, gives them a better idea of who we are. Improving our site generates organic relevance in search engines and word-of-mouth recommendations. In turn, content can go through a second cure to refine and adapt to specific digital marketing campaigns.

In which digital marketing strategies do you use curated content? Tell us in the comments.

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