Email marketing: how to make the most of it

Having an email marketing software will help you manage your email subscriptions and design templates that set you apart from the competition. You can also save a lot of time since the sending of these emails is massive and you will not have to send one by one.

To send messages to potential customers and strengthen the relationship with those you already have, email marketing helps you achieve this. Through this means of communication, you can increase sales by promoting the products or services of your company generating trust among consumers.

Having an emailing software will help you manage your email subscriptions and design templates that set you apart from the competition. You can also save a lot of time since the sending of these emails is massive and you will not have to send one by one.

But do you know how to really take advantage of this tool? Here are some tips to exploit the potential of your email marketing. We will take into consideration b2b email marketing as well as some b2c strategies, we will also talk about some considerations with the format of the email and how to grow your email list.

1. B2b email marketing campaigns

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  • These campaigns are designed to reach different professionals or companies to whom you want to sell your products or services. It's business to business. There is also the b2c option which is business to consumer, which are the common customers.
  • To make this point clearer, if you own a clothing ecommerce, your marketing campaign should be aimed at ordinary or individual customers. But if you offer a professional service your strategy must be focused on a business sector.
  • Email marketing is a powerful tool to increase sales with all the customers you have and the ones you can get.
  • In the case of emails addressed to companies, you must bear in mind that this is more complex information, since here you have to provide solutions to your professional needs. Here the purchase process can be longer and it is necessary to know in depth each product or service that they may need and analyze your company has them.
  • The idea of campaigns through email marketing is to attract new customers and give credibility to your brand. By sending these emails, you can give information about new products, announcements and relevant news that will keep your customer base and potential customers up to date. This will increase their confidence and translate into higher revenue for your company or business.
  • To cite some figures, millennials prefer to receive 73% of the content of companies via email. For more information check this link.

2. Subscriber acquisition

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Now that we have seen how the email marketing strategy works, you need to get the addresses to which you will send your information, therefore you need to get subscribers and you will wonder how to do it. Well, first of all, you must remain attentive to data protection regulations and you can launch campaigns such as:

Attracting subscribers online:

  • This can be done through forms in which you invite through your website to leave your data.
  • It offers downloadable content whether tutorials, videos etc., it is a very attractive hook to attract subscribers.

Offline subscriber acquisition

This is like physically doing public relations, collecting information in stores or events, and once again we remind you that through this capture system you must follow the data protection regulations.

3. Segment the sending of your emails

Cell phone screen with the word inbox as an example of email marketing.

This is key for you to inform the right people. Something that can be useful to help you segment the sending of your emails is to give them a score so that you know what is the proximity to a possible conversion to a paid customer; so you can send the emails with the precise content. This is known as lead nurturing.

4. Email marketing authentication

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To verify that the emails are being delivered in the inboxes and not in the spam is to have a legitimate domain and that you have the permissions to make the shipments.

5. Planning your campaign and the format of your email marketing

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To have a successful campaign through email marketing, it is necessary to plan. You can do this through a calendar that keeps communication constant and active.

  • The automatic flow is another option and here the emails are sent based on the behavior of the subscribers, allowing you to carry out appropriate campaigns at all times.
  • Notifications will help you confirm registrations, important changes, etc.
  • A newsletter will help you to get your customers another type of content such as a blog.
  • Offer tutorials or webinars only to those who have subscribed to your site.
  • The design of the templates is fundamental; this will make you stand out from the competition therefore it must be very attractive and aesthetic. Check this for more ideas.
  • Maintain a structure in the body of the email that makes it easier to read the information you are providing.
Laptop screen with images for email marketing campaign.
  • Call to action. This must be outstanding to attract attention.
  • Include images. These are usually very striking and must maintain a balance with the text.
  • Include all your contact information and those of the company or business, without forgetting the buttons of your social networks.
  • It offers dynamic and valuable content.
  • Keep messages simple, this will make them more effective and focused on the objective of each campaign you make.

As you can see, having an email marketing strategy can represent many opportunities to grow your business and maintain a reliable relationship with your customers. Whether you're planning a b2b email marketing campaign or you're planning a b2c strategy, emails can be the key to reach whoever you want to make business with.

Do you already have yours? Tell us by leaving a comment.

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