Guide to Successful and Productive Email Marketing

If you are interested in learning how to make email marketing the most effective way to increase sales and also form a close community, in this article you will learn 10 email marketing tips that will increase your results immediately.
Here are some email marketing tips.

Currently, the email marketing strategy is still very effective. From the start, it will allow you to increase your business sales through email, as well as create a deeper connection with your community and your audience. Here are the best email marketing tips, read on.

Do you think he’s lost his effectiveness? Although new strategies have emerged (WhatsApp Marketing, Chatbox Marketing), the reality is that it has not lost effectiveness and will not do so in a long time. And while you might also try these strategies, our core issue is considered one of the main pillars of digital marketing strategies.

All users have an email address that they use consistently (one or more), as they often ask for it in areas such as social media, business, or office work. You need email for anything: shopping, registering on a platform, or app. The use of multiple emails allows you to have your affairs more organized and prevent something important from getting lost.

It should be noted that below we will handle only some of the best email marketing examples, but in terms of strategy nothing is written and creativity plays a large part, something almost decisive to innovate and attract more and more to your customers.

The subject: the first impression

Two people meeting. We need to strategize to get to email marketing automation.

There are books that were not sold until the title or cover was changed to become Bestsellers. The subject should be attractive and attract attention, otherwise, the customer will not open it and will not see the content of the email. The essential point is that people open the mail.

Make sure that the area of the subject has a good "hook" so that people are curious and do not hesitate to click.

One thing in the mail

It is very overwhelming to be reading an email that has dozens of ideas, instead of being direct, clear, specific, and explanatory. What is your goal with that email? The call to action must be perceived, in comparison to the fact that various details distract the reader.

Tells a story

Books and stories to show we have the best email marketing examples. Have you tried email marketing automation?

Another of the best email marketing tips is learning how to narrate to the reader. Since ancient times people communicated through stories so that more attention is captured and more is retained in the mind. Try to explain what you’re trying to convey.

If you want someone to remember your explanation, you must tell them a specific narrative, without trying to be the mark of proverbs or something like that, just as an anecdote of the situation that organically retains the memory of others.

For example, a company that has always presented itself under the history of its founder stays in the memory of its clients, and therefore there is a closer treatment when it comes to receiving their promotions and emails. Here’s the story of Papa John’s:

Make it multimedia

When you can, place an image or a small video. Put yourself in the user experience, in what once caught your attention in a clean, direct, and very visual, eye-friendly email and your other occupations. Even this can cause people to click on the desired destination. Whenever it makes sense, try to use these resources, which today there are quite a few, a whole range of diversity.

Leave only one link

Leave a destination link, what it’s all about is directing to a common site, no matter how many links the body of the text has, it should be to a single page. In this way, the reader will not feel full of unnecessary information and will even perceive a follow-up of steps on the same platform. It’ll be a lot more efficient for people to go where you naturally want to send them.

Always brings something of value

Don’t just do sales work, plastic. That way people will unsubscribe from your mailing list. People don’t want a commercial bombing, they just want the value content you can give them. Instead, make a strategy where the value is first over the sale. They’ll be looking forward to it because they can find out other things and not feel like they’re passing a test counter at the supermarket.

Try to separate your email list

With your own tools, you can make this process of email marketing automation. You need to put labels and segmentations in your database to give people what they really want to see, through the clicks they give on a certain link or if you get a response on your website or in your trade accordingly.

List cleaning

Even if there are people who sign up for your mailing list, but don’t go to that address and click on your links; don’t interact the way you want.

The right thing to do is to do a cleanse to maintain openness in your email marketing platforms. In any case, if you send too much mail (and sometimes unsolicited) but do not open it or delete them from the beginning, the program comes to penalize you, since you are usually in the SPAM section.

On average this should be done in a period of every sixty or ninety days. As this article mentions, sometimes it is not necessary to have a massive amount of followers, only several who care about you and get excited about your product.

Best flat email

This is one of the best email marketing examples, although it is unexpected. By sending and preparing the mail you can prepare it as a plain email, with no format or anything special. Or you can use HTML to model the email being sent. It should be known that flat emails always work, unlike the layout, which is perceived as more artificial, as if not delivered by a person, if not a robot, a company. We seek the interaction of comrades, of comrades.

Person with a lightbulb. How have you fared with email marketing automation? Here are some email marketing tips.


If you need to send another link (when absolutely necessary). Just below all the mail, it is like an adjoining comment but even owns regarding the body of the mail. It even sounds like a taste of the strategy that Steve Jobs had in his lectures, when he said "and another thing", before mentioning that in addition to all the updates that he had in the company, he had one more taste, one more taste for his audience.

Do email marketing automation?

Sometimes you might think that what represents less effort is a sign of efficiency or innovation when in reality this could harm the ecosystem that you are trying to develop.

By doing email marketing automation, you might find yourself with more time to attend to other issues. However, if you don’t make communication with your customers a priority, you’re actually underestimating the more personal contact as well as the potential of loyal customers and the spread from their experience.

So you better do email marketing automation at your own risk. Although it could be useful for the segmentation process and with the links, even technology can have human failures.

Did you like the best email marketing examples? This is focused on you being able to sell more easily and without the tone of despair that people can sometimes perceive when there is a barrage of offers, ads, and commercials, on their own email!

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