How important are the mission vision and values in your company?

We must bear in mind that any enterprise is based on a community of people who associate for the achievement of common ends. The personal goals of the entrepreneur must be coordinated with the goals of the organization. Therefore it is necessary to have a mission and company vision.
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It would be inspiring to work with a sense of purpose and conviction every day. This happens when you have a clear idea of where your business is going (company vision), maintain a plan to get there (company mission), and have set standards (values) on how your organization works. 

It would be amazing to say: This is an amazing place to be!

Business owners are not always satisfied with their business

A typical question to an entrepreneur in initial coaching and the mentoring session is: "Imagine that you have the opportunity to listen to this conversation in 3 years in the future, what have you completed and how have you achieved it?"? 

In some cases, business owners may respond to this with certain sketches of a company vision, but when they are still asked, "Have you clearly outlined this view of the informal business, along with a statement of the company mission?" "No" is the answer. 

Business meeting with computers. Boss explains mission vision and values.

Most of this information can be included in a business plan if there is a business plan, but many do not.

How important it is for a company to have a mission vision and values is greatly underestimated. Below is a video related to the creation of these business concepts:

Organize ideas of the company

A business that has a compelling company vision and a clear and valuable company mission can truly inspire its owners as well as its stakeholders. When delivered clearly and with intent, these statements can be highly motivating. 

Communication is crucial when it comes to properly communicate business objectives to everyone. The statement of the company mission is also transmitted to customers, suppliers, media, as well as other interested parties. 

Leaders use these words to describe the purpose and direction of an organization. These statements can motivate your team if they are presented clearly and concisely. The effectiveness of an organization is the sum of its parts. They are dedicated to the future with an inspiring company vision.

How to interpret the mission vision and values?

Overview of the company mission  

The company mission is the motive and the main purpose for which the business is created. That is, it is the raison d'être of the company. It indicates their activity in the market. It answers the questions "Why do we exist?" and "What do we do".

Hands holding a company mission notebook.

Its main objective is to define the purpose and objectives of the company. This is in the present tense and explains to both your employees and others why your business exists. The most powerful company mission statements tend to be as short, clear, and concise as possible.

Statements of the company vision

It is common to confuse the company vision and company mission. But the company vision defines the goals and objectives to be achieved in the future, and it must be realistic. 

In addition, we must keep in mind that it refers to what the company wants to become. It answers the question "what do we want to become?"

The purpose of your business is stated in the statement of the company mission, which should include its goals and aspirations in a positive and inspiring way. In addition to being timeless, the company vision often remains the same, even if the company’s strategy changes.

Defining values

At the end are the values. These represent the ideology of the company. They have to be assumed and developed by each person in the workforce. These are the ethical principles that underpin the company’s activities and culture. Answer the questions "How are we?" and "What do we believe in?"

The fundamental beliefs or DNA of a business underpin the company vision and company mission. These are standard operating procedures that an entrepreneur wants to follow. 

Stacked books that can open up the landscape to determine a company vision.

It doesn’t matter how you treat customers or employees, or how you aspire to treat them, or how employees would like to be treated. 

Several factors contribute to the importance of corporate values. Describe the values of the business, and tell customers what they can expect as a company customer. They guide decision-making. 

In addition, they are essential to attract and retain talent as a business. These values must be understood by everyone in the business. Make sure you create values from the heart and don’t worry about sounding like Shakespeare. 

Main points in company values

  • Values must be described using explicit and concrete language so that people understand what your business represents.
  • As a result, the company vision, the company mission, and the values of your business are so crucial. Owners can use them as the "foundation" to establish and grow a profitable and sustainable business.
  • If you have an address and agenda, you will get as much commitment from your employees as from yourself as an entrepreneur. A good lineup requires everyone to pull in the same direction.
  • Your stakeholders must be informed of them
  • Decide, operate and create customer experiences using the company vision as a lens. 
  • True believers are those who have seen the purpose and company vision in action, at work, and in the customer experience.
  • Monitor your company mission frequently to determine if it is ongoing and, if necessary, take steps to improve. 
  • You must monitor progress by implementing measures.
  • You will establish your business culture and standards by practicing your values as a leader.

We must bear in mind that any enterprise is based on a community of people who associate for the achievement of common ends. The personal goals of the entrepreneur must be coordinated with the goals of the organization. Therefore it is necessary to have a company mission and company vision. If the entrepreneur only thought about his personal goals, it would be counterproductive for the company.

To do this, the foundations of the company’s culture must be taken into account: the mission vision, and values.

It is convenient to emphasize that when we talk about the company mission, we refer to the main objective of the company. As we carry out the company mission, we start to think about which destination we want our company to go to, so at this point we focus on the company vision: in the future perspective of the entity. 

Thus, we create an ideal expectation of what you want to achieve. We could say that the company mission is focused on the presence of the organization, while the company vision is focused on the future of that company. 

On the other hand, the values reflect the moral principles on which the corporate culture is based. It allows us to create certain patterns of behavior in the business, which will perceive the consumer and society. We must bear in mind that values are the personality of the company.

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