How to create added value for a newsletter?

Having a newsletter is not to harass your customers and followers, but to get in touch, return to your site or buy something from you. To achieve this, your newsletters must have added value. Learn how to add value to your newsletter here.

Email marketing campaigns can be extremely effective. If you have a good newsletter you can stay in direct contact with your customers. However, when you send an email with your news you want it to attract attention, if your customers ignore it and move it immediately to the recycle bin you are not getting the most out of it. For your customers to want to subscribe and receive news from you there must be added value in your newsletter. Learn what you can include in it that will help your customers see many benefits in being part of your contact list.

Your emails can't be spam

Mailbox that says: no junk email

Many people can be part of your contact list. You probably have a strategy in place where you require your website visitors to register and that’s how you’ve collected data from potential customers. However, it doesn’t mean that everyone opens your emails and follows the link back to your site. Why does this happen?

If the subject of your mail is not attractive, they will not be interested in opening the mail. And if once you have opened the mail you receive a generic message in which a striking design has not been involved, your emails will soon be cataloged as spam. It is very important to consider the content of a newsletter, if the text feels friendly and as if talking directly to the customer, it will be better received. on the other hand, include images and a nice design that invites you to explore more. Those are the first foundations of a good newsletter.

It’s also important for your visitors to know what they’ll receive when they sign up for your newsletter. That is, it raises expectations. It’s not enough to say they’ll stay up to date with your news, what does that mean? Will they receive notifications when you upload something to your blog? Will they learn about new features on your page or new products and services? Will they access promotions or coupons? If they know this, they will want to be part of your newsletter and see value in it from the first moment to open the mail.

Finally, it is important not to forget that the content should be short. It doesn’t need to be said too much, but what is said is meaningful, important to your customers. Also, in the end, don’t forget to include a «call to action» that is clear and concise. What are you inviting them to? To know the new design of your site? To buy with exclusive discount codes? To read your new post? Leave it very clear.

If you want to know more about how to write a newsletter, read this other post: The perfect guide to maximize the effectiveness of a newsletter. Also, if you are implementing email marketing campaigns (newsletters or others) we recommend learning more about MailChimp: Email Marketing.

Now, since we’ve covered these basic points about newsletters, let’s talk about added value. A good newsletter has everything we’ve already mentioned but an exceptional newsletter gives more to subscribers. These are characteristics that make them have a status of distinguished guests or visitors. That’s just what will make it irresistible to be a part of your newsletter. You can mention it when they are going to leave you their email to subscribe and you will create that great expectation for your visitors. Now let’s talk about those characteristics that give them added value.

Exclusive promotions

Sale sign on glass

Who can resist a discount? If in a newsletter your subscribers receive exclusive promotions it will be very clear to them to see the added value. This is one of the most common strategies to ensure that people are interested in a newsletter. Part of the key is to ensure that what you receive in this newsletter will not be accessed in any other way. In other words, there is no point in including a discount code that you are also publicizing on social networks, you remove the status of exclusivity. Let your subscribers know that the newsletter was especially for them and that there is no other way to access those promotions.


Something you can include in your newsletter to give it added value is discount coupons. Make sure to implement a code that works on your website (check this out with web development). It’s also nice to use creative names, look at these coupon code naming ideas for inspiration. Also in your newsletter, it should be very clear that you are receiving a great deal. Visually show the savings you will have when using that discount. For example, include a photo of the product with the price crossed out and the new price with the discount applied. It is a basic question that is widely used in marketing, there is no reason not to implement it in this case.

Otherwise, you can have a variety of coupons. Maybe some apply only for certain products or services or are eligible for a single purchase. Think about different strategies. And more than that, don’t use them all at once, it’ll be confusing. At most in the newsletter, you can announce that new coupons will come later (again you will generate expectations). Don’t underestimate the excitement and added value that coupons can bring to your newsletter subscribers.


Just as coupons are an irresistible added value, so are sales. You can organize one that’s exclusive to your newsletter subscribers. That is, with the newsletter you would be receiving an invitation to an event that no other way could you access. Almost like a VIP party. The feeling of exclusivity will be more than welcome by your customers. That kind of attention is what captivates and makes your visitors come back.

Including an exclusive sale in your newsletter is an excellent added value strategy. You can advertise in advance so that your customers are attentive and ready to buy. Usually, you don’t make a sale on the first try, but if they know you’ll have sales they can check your site to see what they’d like to buy during the sales. With the planning time, you get more sales to materialize.

Preferential access

Person reading a news letter with added value

Just as promotions are extremely tempting, so is preferential access. It’s the same foundation on which customers access something exclusive and give them a sense of being receiving superior attention. However, while coupons and rebate sales are targeted at sales, preferential access is targeted at content. Being part of a newsletter with which you access unique content is also quite eye-catching. Especially if on your website you have a section dedicated to tutorials or entertainment, offering content that can only be accessed through the newsletter adds value for people to want to subscribe.

Fast-pass content

It is quite attractive to be the first to be able to access the content. Maybe the content will be public later, but having it before is quite striking. Again, the idea of special treatment is pursued but it can also be useful for your subscribers to have that content before anyone else. If it’s about guides or tutorials, it’s always good to be the first to know more. If it’s entertainment content, people love not having to wait to beat boredom.

On the other hand, you’ll be taking double advantage of your content. On the one hand, you will get to add value to your newsletter, and at the same time, it will be content that will contribute to your page. while not neglecting the creation of content for your page, you give preferential treatment to your subscribers. It is a double gain.

Exclusive content

On the other hand, it’s not a bad idea to stock content, especially for your subscribers. That gives much more added value to your newsletter. The idea of having access to content that won’t be available to non-subscribers is very tempting and more people are more likely to choose to subscribe to your newsletter and even be aware of it.

Of course, those who visit your page must like your content. If your content is not good, no one will have exclusive access. The quality of public content should not be neglected and the fact that it is exclusive should have a bonus. What makes it exclusive? Is it extended material? Does it have any special features? What extra benefit does your subscriber get from that content? These are important issues to raise before producing this newsletter strategy.

To learn more, read this blog about the benefits of exclusive content for your blog.

Custom newsletters

Group of diverse people, example of group to create custom newsletter for added value

In addition to exclusive content and promotions, your newsletter may be designed especially for certain subscribers. The great advantage of all email marketing stretching is to contact potential customers directly, that's why it is so important to put aside the coldness. A newsletter designed especially for a sector of your customers will be much more successful and generate even more trust.

What do we mean? Even if you have a target audience, not everything is going to be the same. Your target audience may be young people who are studying and want to learn from your area of knowledge. But it may be that some are still in high school and others are already in college, there are age ranges within your age range and specific needs of each. How about you design a newsletter for those who are beginners in your area and another for the more experienced? That way you’ll be giving more targeted content to everyone. Again, it will generate a feeling of being receiving service and attention, and the added value to the newsletter will be easy to perceive.

Newsletter conclusions

Mailbox with newsletter

For your newsletter to be successful it must have an added value that is easy for the customer to perceive. This way more people will want to subscribe and at the same time will be aware of what you have for them. You can increase your sales with exclusive promotions for subscribers or with unique content. The idea is to maintain these benefits only for those who are part of the newsletter, so the added value is better perceived.

What added value strategies will you implement in your newsletter? Tell us in the comments.

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