How to create the best marketing analysis for your content?

As a company you must ensure that you are at the forefront in your niche and that you have advertising relevance. If you still don’t know how to contribute valuable content to attract customers, keep reading that here we can give you content marketing tips.

As a company, you must ensure that you are at the forefront of your niche and that you have advertising relevance. If you still don’t know how to contribute valuable content to attract customers, keep reading that here we can give you content marketing tips.

Do you realize you spend more time online than you should? By jumping from an app to a social network and then to your email you are responding to specialized marketing tools for you, especially if there is one that fascinates you. None of this is done randomly, in fact, companies have found a way to appeal to their audience from the privacy of their phone.

Is it worth doing a marketing analysis with something as informal as content on the internet and its audience? If we take into account that millions of users are frequently added to different types of social networks and applications, we must bet a little on the medium. That is, it cannot be compared to the advertising flow that was previously handled in traditional media, which was well transmitted to appeal to the generality and not so much to what each member of the house wanted. So, what is content marketing?

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If two family members decide to slide together the screen of their phones, you can see the difference between what each one considers valuable content, addictive ads to press, either by simple entertainment or indeed for the satisfaction of a need. From one internet space to another there are thousands of kilometers of difference, however, our individual algorithm tries to understand why if you first searched about cats we are now watching travel videos elsewhere. The trillions of links and routes that technology must make this area a monument to advertising personification, even without it being visible to the receiver.

This is how every day we modify our addictive content, in a purely useful response to this incoming marketing. There are more and more companies and media that join and invest in enhancing their business by attracting potential customers. However, this does not mean that there are absolute success stories. In itself, it is about betting on the authenticity of the brand and its true intention to appeal to the advertising filter that best suits that person willing to buy, become a faithful follower of the brand once you have already purchased, and be able to pass the baton to a consumer who looks like him. Although it is the most effective technique, it is also the most complex, since it has enough creativity and constant dynamics of trial and error to become a marketing concept worthy of analysis and attention.

How to do content marketing?

Although there are plans that focus on the publication of content with paid distribution to the digital media, it is not the most ideal for customers who seek to receive something before giving away part of their attention and their goods. Instead, the ideal could be based on the constant human discovery behind marketing analysis. Let us think in terms of what we would like to see before hogging our intentions with what we want to sell as quickly as possible. Like trust, it is complex to gain the desire to buy from an over-choice consumer.

It is about deepening our audience, observing why they make their decisions and what is the way to get to it almost without requiring an effort for them. Today the user’s time is much more precious, even more so than the simple monetary exchange, which could hopefully happen on one occasion. So getting them to write us an email, interact with our content and take the sharing detail should be the biggest bonus, because today’s viral property will translate into the profitability of tomorrow.

So what to appeal to? To the happiness of the users. Whether they are completely interested in your brand or not, they will recognize that your company keeps its attention on their tastes and needs. Since they look at them, they consider them when it comes to generating quality content and for their particular marketing concept. When in the past consumer problems were resolved through the products themselves, it is now best to anticipate these potential conflicts or concerns that are reflected in interactive laziness. If you are interested you can delve into statistics in marketing content is related.

Where to start? Anywhere! But also...

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In addition to pursuing that quality content that fascinates our audience, we must take care of the capacity we have to optimize our information from the search engines. Not only will these resources make it easier for customers to reach out and make contact, but they will also provide the right filters for our content, as well as being able to recognize the details that pertain to our traffic and popularity. It’s not just about growing up in a medium. Just as we must think about the creativity that producing marketing content implies, let us also think about the plurality of trajectories that can expand our reach for those who have a predilection for some network or medium.

Nowadays, the possibility of betting on new spaces that capture our goals in record time is increasingly open. However, the same thing is to highlight in relation to our resources. Marketing tools today can be in any space: Ebooks, podcasts, videos, or broadcasts. Let’s not forget the new need for people to constantly jump between one quality content and another, in addition to saving as much time as possible. Let’s not forget that everything is for the good of our consumers. Don’t you recognize the usefulness of ebooks? You should read 5 advantages of selling ebooks for consumers and publishers to clear your doubts.

Towards well-planned experimentation

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Marketing analysis in a book

Let’s remember the grace of aspiring to inbound marketing content: consumers. The traffic that your platforms can generate regularly will be a greater popularity positioning, a look at the algorithm that, with the grace of a correct use of our search engines, we will obtain greater results than if we paid for an ad on a social network and already. Let us think that advertising is no longer just about the image, it is a cup of convergence that today is aimed at other details: attraction, views, linked content, and, above all, monetization so that all this has a cyclical and attractive development.

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