How to get customers online in 6 steps

For any business or company today having a presence on the network is indispensable, since it has become the means by which more people seek and buy services. Do you know what strategies you should follow to get new customers online?

For any business or company today, having a presence on the network is indispensable, since it has become how more people seek and buy services. For this reason, the competition is very large and you must have a page that not only has a good aesthetic but also offers good service and also knows how to promote itself to reach a greater number of customers online every day.

Do you know what strategies you must follow to achieve this? Here we will give you some for you to put into practice.

The first thing you should have is a structure that makes your page work and the essential tools are:

1. Have a blog on your website

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The blog will help you, through periodicals, to inform about your products or services, as well as to provide solutions to different problems both of your own company and issues related to the services you offer.

2. Social Media Presence

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Today anyone uses one of the social networks to stay connected and informed, so your current customers, as well as potential ones, can find you there. By using these media as promotional tools, you have the advantage of finding a large target audience segmentation; from age, gender, geographical location, preferences, etc., you can access a large number of people who are interested in your products or services. One of the most used is Linked In since it is very focused on the professional field.

3. Campaigns through AdWords

Google Adwords to attract new customers online.

This is a paid advertising tool managed by Google and allows advertisers to be found through keywords. This is one of its main advantages, since it is aimed at a specific audience, to give an example if you sell blouses and a person is looking specifically for that product, you can appear within the first searches. It is one of the most effective tools to find potential online customers for your business quickly, but you should consider having an expert to help you get the most out of this application.

4. Email Marketing

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Email marketing is a tool used to track current customers, but it can also help you get new customers online by knowing how to use it. By periodically sending emails to your contact list, you will send them information about your company and services to keep them barely of the news. It is an effective way to reach people since it has a tone of closeness with those you are addressing. With this type of campaign, you can launch promotions for your frequent customers and offer them discounts or prizes, as well as reward them for referring to other people who subscribe to your Page.

5. Post frequently to keep the attention of your current and new customers you can get online

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Posting regularly will help you keep your page’s content up to date, which will translate into interest from your customers, both those you already have and new ones you can find online. These posts should be consistent both on social media and email marketing that we already mentioned above.

When the information is current, you provide security to your customers by showing them that your business is current and that they will find good attention and service. To facilitate this task, you can keep a calendar of the publications that must be made: blogs, promotions, etc.

The key to getting new customers online is getting them to want to see what you post.

6. Measure your results and optimize the acquisition of new customers online

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To know if you are following the right steps and strategies in attracting new customers online, you must measure your results, since with these you can know what are the possible improvements you can make. For this, there are applications and tools such as Google Analytics that help measure which are the publications of your site that have more visits and the interaction of the navigators.

Through the click-through rate CTR you can measure the number of times a user clicks on a link on your site by comparing it with the number of times it appears on the screens. If the percentage is less than 5, these posts need improvements to attract new customers online.

The creation of the content of your page as well as the measurement follow-ups and your customer service attention must be constant to obtain the desired results to obtain a greater number of followers and maintain those who are already part of your network.

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