How to Increase Your Conversions With eMarketing?

In digital marketing, conversions are of the utmost importance. So, other than setting them clearly and monitoring them, you want to have strategies that help you increase them. You can achieve this using emails with a good emarketing campaign. Find out how here.

One of the ways to stay in direct contact with your customers is through email. In addition to social media, email campaigns have become a popular way for brands to approach their customers and get them back to their websites. Email marketing or emarketing campaigns have many benefits, for example making your customers have direct attention, making them become frequent customers, and visiting your page, among others.

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On the other hand, if you’re learning about emarketing to implement an email campaign, I recommend using MailChimp to get the most out of it.

Anyway, in this post what we will be discussing about emarketing is how it can help you increase your conversion rate. We’ll see briefly what conversions are, then discuss how to make emarketing campaigns have a positive impact on them, and I’ll give you some tips. Then let’s move on to the first thing.

What are the conversions?

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Maybe the word «conversions» reminds you of high school math classes, but luckily in digital marketing, it’s something completely different and much easier to understand. Conversions in this context refer to when visitors to your website complete an action you wanted.

Here are some examples of conversions:

  • Give a «like» to a page or publication
  • Click on any link
  • Subscribe to the site or newsletter
  • Fill out a form

Conversions serve to keep the visitor on the page longer, to collect data to be in contact with potential customers or to increase traffic to a page or publication. Conversions are always indicators of how visitors are interacting with your site, so it is convenient to set them clearly and implement systems to analyze whether the rate increases or decreases.

It is convenient to have very well-identified the objectives of our website, only then we can establish conversions that benefit us. If you need to know more about conversions, I recommend this article: What is conversion in digital marketing? One of the ways to increase the conversion rate is with an emarketing campaign.

Emarketing and conversions

Red envelope to represent emarketing

Now to the main course of this post: how to use emarketing to increase conversions.

Something a little obvious but that needs to be clarified is that to implement an email campaign, you will need email addresses. You can get your visitors' email addresses in a variety of ways: by asking them to create an account to access content, by requesting their email to access exclusive content, through a newsletter subscription… Although, those are all conversions already. Here is the first problem: it seems that this is a paradox, I need to implement conversions to have an emarketing campaign but I want to increase conversions with an emarketing campaign. Well, it doesn’t have to be that way.

First, not all of your conversions have to be related to collecting emails. A good strategy is to implement some of these to become a directory of visitors. Later you can keep it up to date with new customers. A strategy that allows MailChimp is to get contacts with a destination page and it is a very good start (besides this service helps you to mount it).

Once you have made a directory, you can implement emarketing campaigns and some that are directly related to the increase in the conversion rate. It’s all about knowing exactly what you want the people who receive your email to do on your site and writing a good message to encourage it to happen. Here’s how it goes.

Content and design

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First of all, think about what your mail will look like. For emarketing campaigns it is vital to have a good design, it is not the same as writing a reply email to a single person, this is an advertising campaign of massive scope. It is useful to think of your mails as if they were brochures or billboards, only if they will be seen by a selected audience that has already shown to be interested in your brand, the important thing is to think that they should attract attention, look more than good.

The design in addition to showy must be aimed at the specific objective of your conversion. That is to say, if your conversion is related to giving «I like» a publication, beyond including related motives, such as hearts or thumbs-up, the design itself should prioritize to make clear what is giving «I like». This visual clarity is very important, most people are visual and before reading they will seek to get as much information as possible at the first glance.

On the other hand, the message, the words you choose, are also crucial. You don’t want to send messages too long, but you don’t want to leave any crucial information out. Think of a useful structure, it could be: a greeting, the motive of the message, kindly invite to conversion, gratitude, and farewell. Many emarketing and campaign templates can help inspire you.

Above all, do not forget to include a «call to action». This must be a simple, short, and clear phrase that calls directly to action. In this case, it must be directly related to the transaction you want to run.

Give reassurance

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One reason why emarketing campaigns fail is that recipients distrust the sender. It is not unusual for many people to be scammed by email with fake advertising style campaigns: «fill out this form and win», «we have a laughable offer for you if you answer these questions» or even people asking for help or charity. That’s why it’s important to reiterate that it’s your brand (in which your visitors were confident enough to share their emails) for conversions to happen.

How do you do that? Just as the design should respond to the type of conversion you want to happen, also make sure it is distinctive of your brand, include your logo, your colors, typography, links back to your site… In addition, as a postscript, you can include a reminder that message is part of your subscription to your newsletter or your site. It would also be important to include some small letters in which you ensure respect for the privacy of your users, which always gives more security.

On the other hand, the content takes care of your spelling. Well-established brands do not send messages with obvious errors. Also, be friendly, let it be known that that is not a message generated by a bot designed to steal data or install malware. Use the usual tone of your brand. It is the same as with the design, if your brand is relaxed and close, write that way, because of that feature, they will recognize you and trust the message.

A very important point: be measured by how many emails you send for the same conversion. Nor is it about spam to your customers. In addition, the excess of insistence always gives a bad thorn. It is enough an email followed by a follow-up.

Simple conversions

Simple street sign to represent simple conversions for emarketing

Simple is the key. In emarketing campaigns designed to increase the conversion rate, the target conversion must be simple. If there are many steps to follow that are not specified in the body of the text, your recipients will probably feel unmotivated to complete the instructions. One reason many people give up participating in giveaways, for example, is when there are too many requirements. The same happens with campaigns of emarketing that invite to realize a conversion, it is zero recommended to ask too much.

That’s why, in addition to taking care of design and content to provide security and make clear what needs to be done, it implements elements that help complete the conversion directly. If you are inviting to give «like» in a publication, include the direct link to the page, if it is to fill out a form can you include it directly in the mail? You need to get creative to simplify things, but only then can you get an emarketing campaign that increases conversion rates.


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Emarketing campaigns can help increase your conversion rate. To achieve this, you must already have a directory (even a small one) to send emails that invite you to complete conversions. The body of the mail needs content and design made for the conversion you want to make especially, they must also generate security in the recipients, finally, in this type of campaign, the conversions must be as simple as possible. Following these tips, conversions from your site will surely increase.

Do you already implement e-marketing campaigns? Tell us your tips in the comments.

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