How to Track Sales Emails

When we have a company or a small business we must consider some strategies that allow us to be in contact with our customers. Tracking sales emails also gives you the ability to make your customers feel that they are important and will therefore appreciate it.

When we have a company or a small business we must consider some strategies that allow us to be in contact with our customers in a close and natural way and with some frequency. This will allow us to continue generating sales and increase the profits of the business. One of the most popular and effective strategies is to carry out this communication through emails (email marketing) with which we can follow up with our customers and promote the new products or services that we continue to offer. Tracking sales emails also gives you the ability to make your customers feel that they are important and will therefore appreciate it.

There are some techniques for composing these emails, the times in which they must be sent, etc., to receive a positive response. Today we’ve prepared some examples and tips that can help you create attractive follow-up emails for your company.

1. Sales Email Tracking: What’s It’s For

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This is all a pr process. When we meet someone who has something to do with our professional interests and can get a professional exchange, cards are usually exchanged to keep in touch. Through an email, we can follow up on this relationship that can become a customer. Tracking through an email is recommended more than a call, why? Because it is usually less invasive and until this step, there is not a relationship of trust between both parties.

2. What should the sales tracking email contain?

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• You need to let them know that you remember who they are: talk to them by name, remind them who you are, what your business is, and add a link that directs them to your company page so they have more information

• Describe your products or services the sales tracking email: It’s very common for people’s inboxes to always be full or full of orders on the same day, so your customers or readers must know your email. A simple and specific method is that they are very short sentences.

• The subject of the email must be convincing: when we send an email, what we are looking for is for the customer to open it and read it quickly. This won’t happen if the title doesn’t attract attention or doesn’t match the content or intent. Therefore, this topic must contain attractive words so that the message does not go unnoticed.

• some surveys have yielded results in which it is shown that the sales follow-up emails that are usually discarded, are those that from the beginning sell or offer some type of offer because they consider them unreliable.

• Perfect text: The text content of the sales tracking email should cause you to be remembered. Customers will appreciate your spelling and word synthesis skills. If this is not done properly, you will not inspire confidence or seriousness as a salesperson or entrepreneur. To achieve your goal in tracking sales emails, you can’t be cold or distant.

3. Examples of sales follow-up email with your customers

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You must consider the purpose of your sales tracking email. What do you want to achieve with it? If you just want to thank or ask a potential customer to see you or see you again.

  • For example, if you’ve had a one-on-one meeting, the sales follow-up email should be as follows:

Subject: Thank you for the conversation (enter the name of the person you met)

Dear (name and surname of the person responsible)

Nice to meet you at the ________ event

As I mentioned earlier, my (product/service) can be very useful for:

(Explain the benefits you can get as your customer.) Needless to say more, in the meantime and waiting for a follow-up meeting. I say goodbye.

Best regards. (your full name)

  • After a phone call:

Subject: More details on what we talked about

Hello (person’s name)

Thank you very much for your call. I would like to know more about the current challenges facing your company. I am looking for information on this topic, you can better check the attachments below. I would like to make another call with you to help you solve your doubts.

Nice day. (your name)

  • Meeting request: This works if you want to delve into a topic, but understand the availability of the person you’ll be contacting.

Subject: Let’s talk about: ______ (topic)

Dear… (Name of the person)

Nice to meet you in…. (Event name) After the nice talk we had on (a topic they have discussed). I appreciate all the advice you gave me and your opinions on (your field of work). As I mentioned earlier, I am interested in (your goals), so I would like to meet with you to discuss (clear goals). I usually have some free time (working days and schedules). I can customize my schedule to suit your times if you want to. I look forward to your response soon. Best regards,

(Your name)

(Your company)

(Your phone number)

Thank you ( your email)


• When tracking sales emails, always try to introduce yourself briefly and remember where you met the person you’re contacting. Remember to write down your name and the date you met or talked so you have it in mind.

• Show what you need clearly and directly in the body of the text. Add the benefits your customers will get from your offer or recommendation.

• Be grateful for the time it has taken to read your email.

• Finally, you as an entrepreneur or entrepreneur, once you have finished writing the sales follow-up email, ask yourself (if you were the recipient of the message) if you would like to open and read it. Most importantly, if you can answer it. Only then will you know if you’ve done a good job on the sales follow-up email.

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