How to Write a Successful Ebook?

Writing a book is a task that requires a lot of skill and patience. When you’re making one for your company, you want it to be a simple and fast process. That’s why using an e-book template is a good idea. Find the template you’re looking for free here.

Business storytelling has now gained in importance. It’s about telling the story of companies. It has been proven to be of great help in building trust among customers, in a way humanizes what would normally be a corporate cold. Although business storytelling goes much further, your company can tell a variety of stories. Generating this type of content can help you rank better search engines and attract audiences organically. In turn, your potential customers will like to know more about you, your philosophy, and your worldview. To help you write you can help with a free ebook template like the ones we offer here. Each eBook template is designed to provide a possible book structure, you can use each point as an idea for a chapter, or maybe one will detach several, your creativity will play part in the writing.

Company history e-book template

Business man

This type of ebook is designed to tell you how your company started. It is important to think of it as a classic adventure story, your company has been the hero. You have to think of all the moments of difficulty as adventures in which your company was victorious. Here’s my e-book template proposal:

Consider why your company exists in the present. At this point, he tries to generate expectations about what led to his founding in the first place.

Who. Introduce the founder of your company. Tell a bit about his history, his childhood, his education, what he was doing before he founded the company. It is very interesting to tell something about your leadership and entrepreneurship skills.

The idea. Here we have to tell what had to happen for the founder to start the company. Was there any economic difficulty that drove you to undertake? Did you realize a need in your community? Did a mentor inspire you? Tell that story in special detail.

Difficulties. Once you had the idea, surely not everything was simple, and that is worth telling. What problems did the founder have to face to establish his company? Be epic, give details of the obstacles, this will give value to the achievements.

New tribulations. Once the company was established, what happened? Life is always full of problems, so talk about the first problems of the established company. Again, these are battles and victories that you must count on with emotion. Make trivialities a memorable event.

Recap how adversity made you better. A satisfying adventure story leaves growth in the hero. That’s why after telling everything that the company has overcome we have to talk about how that had a positive effect.

Tell them who you are today. To conclude you can tell about the current state of the company. How have the values you have acquired in your history evolved? What is your current mission and vision? Present your company as a victorious hero.

A good example of this type of narrative is the story of Madam C.J. Walker, which has a mini Netflix series. It is a very interesting story that tells in detail the story of both the entrepreneur and her company. He explains Walker’s motivations to create the company, but he does not stop when he finds it, he continues counting the difficulties that were presented to him until reaching the end of his life. If you haven’t heard of this series before, read this BBC article: Madam CJ Walker: 'An inspiration to us all'.

Ebook template for manual

How to book to represent free ebook template for manuals

Writing manuals may not sound very appealing. The stories, the narrative always sells better, but you might want to teach your audience something and for that, there’s no way to write instructions. This is very different from the procedures manuals, those you want for your staff, a manual ebook must be to teach something to people who do not work for you. What can that be? Well, it depends on what you do. For example, Word Stylers could write creative writing manuals, there would be some writing copywriting and others personal writing, perhaps. In your case, of course, it will have to be something related to your economic activity.

Here is a template you can use:

Summary. What is this manual about? lists some key points. You can also use this text to advertise your eBook.

For whom. Think specifically about who can benefit from the manual you’re writing. If it’s a copywriting manual, maybe it’s for freelance writers who want to specialize or for self-taught writers. remember that even if it seems like no content is for everyone, you need to specify.

What will the reader accomplish with the manual? In addition to being clear about your audience, you have to be clear about what benefits that manual will bring. In this section you can be persuasive, you must convince that your manual is worthwhile and will be useful to anyone who uses it.

Instructions. At this point, you can start writing the instructions, steps, or tips in your manual. Think of it as multiple chapters. It would be good if you thought of general steps and those chapters to detail each one in-depth.

Expected results. In the end, it sets out what should be the result of having followed the manual correctly. Will the reader be able to start writing copy content? Will they have better writing skills? Think about positive results.

If you need to see an example manual, check out this book by Rosa Morel: The Secret of the Successful Copywriter.

Ebooks about your topics

Another e-book alternative is to write about issues surrounding your economic activity. What do I mean? Topics that may not be directly related to your company but are related to your area of expertise. For example, if you are dedicated to architecture you can write the story of how you started to build the house of your dreams at low cost or if you are dedicated to the automotive industry you can talk about the hybrid car boom… This type of writing can be divided into two types: inspirational and relevant.

Inspirational e-book template

Man on top of a mountain to represent success talked about on ebook template free

In this type of book what is sought is to encourage the reader to do something or to think in a certain way. In the example of the architect who writes about the house of his dreams, he would be trying to inspire the reader to do the same by showing that it is not expensive. You can also tell personal histories that balance adversity and success, this type of narrative are particularly liked (hence the success of the book and the film The Pursuit of Happyness)

You can use this template to write an e-book of this type:

Present the protagonist. Who is our hero? What values define him? What is he like? In what situation is he at the beginning? How does this affect or benefit you?

The problem. Here you have to consider the adversity you will face. To write it you have to think: what the protagonist wants and what is it that prevents him from getting it. It is not obligatory to speak only of a problem, a problem can trigger thousands. The idea is to assure the reader that nothing was easy, so there will be greater satisfaction in victory (Again, The Pursuit of Happyness is an excellent example of this type of structure).

The final battle. This would be the last problem the protagonist had to face. The bigger and the more fearsome, the better. Give details, focus on the skills that made the protagonist win.

Success. Stop and talk about how your victory was. How many good things came into your life after going through so much trouble? Give a happy ending.

«You can do it too». For it to be an inspiring book, you have to assure the reader that that could also be their story. It is necessary to exhort the reader to be like the protagonist, to make his own the values of the protagonist to be a hero like him.

Template for an e-book about a relevant topic

woman talking about important topic through megaphone

In addition to telling inspiring success stories, you can talk about topics that touch your area of expertise. This topic can be quite extensive. Maybe you’re a bike builder, but you decide to write a book about road safety, or about health and sports or the history of the Tour de France… It is very varied and does not necessarily have to be related to your company and its history, its founder, or its success. A good strategy is to try to relate to topics that are relevant to the present day and to extend yourself to areas that are not so obviously related to you. One example is Bill Gates' book, How to Avoid a Climate Disaster. Clearly, Microsoft is not Greenpeace, but being a technology company innovation for the care of the planet is a relevant issue and that can touch from your area.

You can use this e-book template to write about a topic relevant to your business:

Present the topic. What are you going to talk about? Is it a problem? A special case? Tell some basic questions about what you’re going to discuss.

Why is it important? Your topic should be relevant and not just for you. If it’s a problem, why should it interest your reader? Who does it affect? If it’s a case, what’s so special about it? Think about why it’s interesting or shocking.

Relationship with your sector. Don’t forget to clarify how your sector or economic activity relates to the topic. Has your industry impacted negatively on the problem? Was it the cause of that case? Is it an innovation or aid engine? Don’t leave it out.

Project a future. The theme you’re talking about, how will it change in the future? Will it be because of you and your company that there will be a better future? Try to be inspiring.

Invite the reader to participate in that future. How can the reader be an active agent of the future you propose? Will it be buying your brand? Applying an entrepreneurial model like yours? Be clear and at the same time don’t push too much, it must be a subtle suggestion.


Person reading an ebook made with free ebook template

Ebooks are good content for your brand. People like storytelling and business storytelling is in vogue. To write them you can rely on a free e-book template, you just have to think about what other things you can add that contribute more to your topic. Templates are flexible to your creativity and your needs. If you also want to design your book, you can help with Canva.

What would you write an e-book about? Tell us in the comments.

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