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If you don't have a newsletter for your e-commerce business or blog, would you be interested in creating one? In case you haven't already figured out the purpose of a newsletter or what it does, you should know that email marketing remains the most effective form of marketing, offering the maximum results at a low cost, but only when used correctly.
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Would you like to promote your e-commerce business or blog with a newsletter if you don’t have one yet? If you haven’t figured out the purpose of a newsletter or what it does yet, you need to know that email marketing continues to be the most effective form of marketing, offering the best results at a very low cost, though only when used correctly.

In case you haven’t sent newsletters to your customers, you should know that they are quite useful to promote your business, if you have an e-commerce site or blog. However, it’s important to find out what a newsletter is and how it works, both for you and your customers. Email remains one of the main marketing methods, and when used most profitably, it generates better results at a reduced cost.

However, you should remember that the most advisable thing is to avoid at all costs bothering your readers with uninteresting topics, you will only cause them weariness without attracting their attention. The act of sending a newsletter in conjunction with an email marketing strategy is precisely what avoids this conflict and innovates your way of contacting your customers. With this said, then in this publication, we will discuss its importance, use, and with whom it can best be used.

What is a newsletter?

Newsletters are used to send information to your subscribers regularly, to deliver the information you want directly to their inboxes. Messages can consist of simple text or images and formatting. In reality, we all receive several newsletters daily, and they are preserved as an important function to keep in touch, usually, with brands, we support or services to which we are subscribed.

How does a newsletter serve its purpose?

People who run websites, blogs, or e-commerce companies are the ones who most often use all kinds of newsletters, whether to advertise products, articles, such as special events and promotions for loyal customers or with a certain membership. It can be such a detailed resource that it works to participate in remarketing campaigns, in addition to developing perfectly in terms of normal transactional communication, ie order confirmations, shipments, FAQs, among many others.

From a general perspective, the main objective of the newsletter is to maintain regular contact with the customer and ensure that your blog or website is not lost among many others of the same kind. With these newsletters, there are several incentives to increase the number of visitors, or diversify your types of content and send them to the right recipients. When it comes to managing your website, set a regular schedule for visits and drive the right traffic for your website.

What are the reasons for its effectiveness?

All types of companies use newsletters to market themselves. As digital marketing continues to grow, email marketing, including the newsletter, is unavoidable, as this channel offers us the ability to further customize our communication and, If done well, we can avoid overwhelming users with unnecessary or repetitive messages. And at the same time, each shipment must have a low price.

With this method, you can learn how it affects your sales, the profit margin, and how to develop your ability to build a closer relationship with your customers if you manage an e-commerce site. Therefore, you can admit that email marketing is worth the investment, specifically making the effort to send out all kinds of newsletters. However, is it easy to send out newsletters? Not really.

Many companies have realized that email marketing and newsletters can be very effective, but they have no idea how to make a newsletter and, consequently, they miss out on an important marketing tool. In itself, this strategy requires an understanding of many disciplines, as the newsletter sender must consider the design of the newsletter, prepare the message for approval, set goals, and analyze the results. We will discuss sending the newsletter later in the publication.

What is the difference between newsletter and email marketing?

Email boxes to represent email marketing doesn't look like this at all

Well, the term email marketing is a whole or nothing that is self-explanatory. After all, what is email marketing? Email marketing is an indispensable part of Digital Marketing that, in a very brief way, uses email as a sales channel and as a means of maintaining regular communication with your audience. Although it is the oldest form of digital marketing, it remains the most effective to date, without any realistic prediction that it can be dethroned, of course.

The email marketing tool is always considered as the strategic component that uses the email distribution channel, while the newsletter is considered as the element that allows the promotion of the same strategy using the same distribution channel (email). On top of that, using HTML to create a newsletter requires a wide range of software to interpret the HTML and then display it, it’s a very different process of using a website.

It is true that the creation of a newsletter is a slow process that involves HTML code, something complicated, manageable, but already almost unnecessary today. Currently, email newsletters can be built with online software. These systems greatly simplify the construction process, since they allow those who create the newsletter to focus exclusively on the message and, later, on data analysis.

Examples of Newsletter templates

Using newsletter templates makes things even simpler. Your email editors may have templates already created, some of the more generic, others themed, such as suitable themes for Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and even templates to integrate with your online store Magento and / WordPress. There is also an online community that has already compiled hundreds of themed newsletter templates, and they can be used during business holidays such as Christmas, Valentine’s Day, etc.

Pre-defined types can be available in google docs newsletter templates or you can create yours using the editor and go to content after you’ve completed the newsletter structure. Your newsletter should contain specific content and should set clear goals as simply as possible. You could also make a MailChimp newsletter, which helps you automate certain marketing processes and save you a lot of time in these types of processes. There's a review about this specific method:

How to make a newsletter?

First, you need to put a sender’s name here. Each time you send your newsletters, you must include their domain as a sender, so customers can easily identify it. Otherwise, many readers won’t open it. The reason is that many people don’t know the difference between bulk emails and normal emails.
A newsletter is the best way to get your business information to people who have already expressed an interest in receiving it, as electronic newsletters are sent by email regularly.

Therefore, when sending, it is imperative to mention the name of your company to increase interest in the most valuable and recognized reader of your brand. Avoid using your sender’s email, such as Yahoo, Hotmail, and Gmail, because apart from causing natural mistrust, it is very likely that the services themselves will refuse to enter the messages, or catalog them as SPAM.

As for the subject of the newsletter a good open rate is largely (if not entirely) due to this. However, writing a good topic is not that simple. Capturing the attention of readers takes creativity and time. Try to be succinct, objective, and curious in your writing. Then you’ll wonder, should the newsletter be written?

It’s important to realize that even though you get subscribers for your newsletter, they may not want to constantly receive your offers in the content of this. Send sporadic, well-targeted content and avoid sending it all at once. Finally, you need to have an educational focus in your newsletter to build empathy with your reader and build authority on the issue on which your business is based. You will be able to get better results by running different promotional campaigns. Below we will provide a video that advises you step by step:

For the most suitable shipment

The best way to send newsletters is through email marketing tools that allow you to communicate quickly and easily with your recipients. In case you are writing emails to achieve reader loyalty and brand awareness, or if you want to sell more, you can consider it. However, you can send the newsletter to your contact list after you have finished it. There are many contact capture strategies that can be used if you don’t have a contact list or it’s not yet extensive and you want to increase it.

There are forms, landing pages, and compression pages, which are some of the only tools you can use to capture contacts. By using these tools you can gather the reader’s information for the use of sending newsletters later. It is important to note, however, that these are not the only tools to help you get new contacts. There are some ads on Facebook that also have this goal.

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The Segmentation!

Many companies idealize the creation of newsletters, but they don’t know that they have to segment their database in order not to confuse newsletters with mass mailings. Segmentation works for this. This strategy fuses sending newsletters based on the specific interests of the reader. After collecting the data of your subscribers through forms, landing pages, compression pages, or even through Facebook Lead Ads, it is necessary to segment all contacts so that you can reach your subscribers with the necessary message.

There are two ways to segment when talking about it: Through a list, we group people who have similar interests. Or you can use labels to point to a single contact or multiple contacts at the same time. It is possible to send a special offer to premium customers only after assigning an offer label name. Therefore, you can create clusters with similar features and send them the content they need. An online store, website, or blog can use this type of targeting using a variety of criteria, including location, gender, age, and interests.

Since newsletters require a lot of experience, sending them without the help of an email marketing company, or without online sales training, would be a very slow, somewhat complex process, affecting both the profitability and the effectiveness of this channel. You can use the Editor to create the structure and layout of the newsletter by dragging and dropping. This makes it very easy to create an adaptable newsletter for all types of devices. Through this method, you will be able to think more deeply about the content of your email marketing submissions, as well as their overall email marketing strategy.


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We hope we’ve helped clarify so that you get an overview of all you can do to start sending your newsletter, in case you were having doubts about the effectiveness of email marketing. This article includes a variety of tips on how you can turn a simple newsletter into a highly effective email marketing tool for use in blogs and e-commerce stores.

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