Top 15 social media apps used in 2021

Social networks are becoming increasingly important in any activity of everyday life, as they facilitate communication between millions of people around the world. Here we list the most used social media apps in 2021.

Social networks are becoming increasingly important in everyday life, as they have become the most effective way to keep millions of people in touch around the world. In addition to social media apps, there are more and more new platforms as work tools that make it easy to drive brands, businesses and, online media to upload professional resumes.

But do you know which social media platforms are the most used in 2021? Let’s see the following list:


Computer in which a man with binoculars and the Facebook logo are seen as an example of social networks.

This social network with 2.74 billion users daily grows to 500,000 new users, making it the platform that connects more people. It is one of the network media that has several scopes since it works both personally and professionally, allows creating business and brand pages, as well as the creation of social groups to reach customers. This application has lost popularity among young people because they bet on other applications for better interaction, but adults prefer it.


Computer screen in which you see the YouTube logo as network media.

YouTube is the second most-used app. It has 2.29 billion users spanning all ages. Is the leading video platform, as anyone can enjoy their content even without a subscription. It is free and works very well when you want to position a brand. It has millions of videos on many topics: sports, video games, music, etc., so anyone can gain notoriety or easily find information.

Would you like to create videos and upload them to this platform? Check this link to get more ideas.


WhatsApp logo as network media.

With 2.0 billion users, it is the favorite app to send and receive messages and calls over the network. You can create unlimited groups of participants, as well as sending images, audio messages, and videos. Although it does not have a marketing system like other platforms, many companies use it to keep in touch with their customers.

Facebook Messenger

This is another social media app offered by the free messaging service. It has 1.3 billion users its attraction is that companies have a higher level of communication with their customers by having chatbots, whose function is to promote products with ads and sending messages to the inbox. This application has 40 million companies that use its service.

Instagram: social media apps

Instagram logo as new social media platforms 2021.

This app is preferred for sharing photos and videos. Used by 1.22 billion. Its appeal consists that allows the editing of images, so it is the favorite of photography enthusiasts. Instagram, also contributes to digital marketing, opening the way for influencers, allowing them to monetize their content by the number of followers that generate interest in different brand twists.


A Chinese app that serves to send texts and voice messages. It has 1.040 million users outside China are 40 million people use it, being another of the competitors for WhatsApp.


For bloggers, Tumblr is the ideal social app, with 794 million users. Here you can generate content in video, text, photography, audio, and chat; this can be done through the computer or a mobile phone. It is an interactive platform that invites you to comment and follow other users' posts.

TikTok: new social media plattforms 2021

Cell phone with the Tiktok logo as an example of social applications.

TikTok emerged in 2017 and quickly gained popularity. It has 689 million, mostly young users. Their content is videos that can be viewed or uploaded by themselves. This network allows the promotion of brands thanks to its format. You can record video selfies with a duration of 1 minute can be edited with effects and music. It also has a few functions of artificial intelligence and augmented reality.


LinkedIn logo as network media.

LinkedIn is the social media platform for professionals par excellence. With 530 million users, this app unites through a network, in which all your contacts are linked with other professionals who specialize in your branch or many others.

On this platform, 45% of those who use it are the ones who make the decisions to hire the staff of their company.


Screen with icons from different social networks

With 500 million users, this app is an alternative to WhatsApp and offers a wide variety of options; you can send cell phone files to the computer, compress images and create GIFS. It works on all operating systems. Its competitive value lies in the special attention that has to security and privacy settings.


Snapchat logo as an example of new media platforms 2021.

With a user base of 498 million, Snapchat works as a messaging app through which you can send photos and videos, with the exception that you can choose the time during which the contact receives your message, which can be from 1 to 10 seconds. It has several filters for multimedia editing, as well as functions to add text.


Pinterest icon laptop screen as an example of network media.

The ideal platform to find inspiration through millions of high-quality images and videos organized on boards. With 442 million users, this app is perfect for people who are looking to publicize their brand as it has marketing strategies.

Reddit: examples of media

Reddit icon as an example of social media applications.

This social network differs from the others because its content is determined by its community of 430 million users. It functions as a discussion forum in which votes are taken to increase its rating in the application, reaching a greater number of people.


Twitter icon as an example of social network.

It has 335 million users and can make publications up to 280 characters so it is very easy to read. It works as a personal and business network merging the concept of social network and blog. You can generate content with images, surveys, and links.

Want to learn all about this app? Visit this page and position your social networks.


Created to make video calls around the world, Skype has a user network of 300 million. Through this application, you can send messages and share files.


Spotify application logo.

Dedicated to music and podcast streaming, Spotify has 130 million users. It is free and in this version, you can hear ads although you can buy the Premium version, at a monthly cost. It can be heard on different devices ranging from the cell phone, speakers, and in the car.

Today society has a great need to share all kinds of content; this is what has caused the rise of social networks, in addition to facilitating contact between personal and business relationships, as never before could be done.

And what are your favorite social networks or apps? Tell us by leaving your comments.
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