Top 6 tools for content curation

Did you know that there are tools to facilitate content curation? Discover the 6 best tools for content curation that will help you select and create quality content that adapts to the needs of your digital marketing strategy.
Herramientas de curación de contenido

The content curation process is essential in any marketing strategy since it allows us to create quality content previously selected that adapts to the needs of what we are looking for.

Sometimes this process can be complicated as there are millions of sources of information and it is difficult to determine which ones work best for obtaining content. Fortunately, there are several tools that we can use to make this work more efficient.

What tools exist to facilitate the content curation technique? In this blog, you will discover the 5 best tools for content curation, which will help you more easily select the information to use in this daily task of online marketing.

Let’s start with: What is content curation?

Content curation is the process of filtering, grouping, and selecting the information that comes to us from different sources. It is a term that has existed for several years but is increasingly present in digital marketing and content, as it becomes important to manage all the information and select the one that is truly interesting for our audience.

It basically encompasses the entire process of conducting a critical evaluation to determine what type of content fits the context in which it should be presented, taking into account the brand, the audience, and the objectives.

Now, know 5 tools that will be very useful and will help you facilitate the work of content curation:

1.- Buffer

Buffer is a tool that helps to manage social networks. What makes it unique and perfect for content curation is that it lets you configure publication days and times, as well as allowing you to select any type of content to share.

With its browser extension, you only need to perform your search and every time you find a page that interests you, share it immediately with your followers, saving you time and making you focus merely on the search and selection of valuable information.

Website Buffer | Content curation tools
  • You can write several texts in one go.
  • It provides you with statistics of what content has more reach, facilitating the analysis and filtering of future information.
  • Easy to integrate with all your social networks
  • Indicate who shares your content and makes content suggestions

Really the only disadvantage is that like any free tool, it has its limitations in terms of what we can do. For example, the free version only allows you to add 3 channels and 10 schedules, so if you want a greater number, you will have to go to the premium version.

2.- EverNote

EverNote is one of the favorite tools of anyone who specializes in digital marketing, as it allows you to organize information in the form of notes and add them to whatever type of content you are reading at the moment.

In addition, it keeps the contents synchronized and can range from written to audio and images from anywhere: in the subway, on the road, on the street, and more.

  • Allows you to categorize and label information
  • Allows you to share your notes
  • Can be used from any device and at any time
  • Helps filter information and save valuable for content creation

Like Buffer, the free version has its limitations. For example, only in the paid version, you can save Word and Excel files.

EverNote App

3.- Trendspottr

Trendspotter is a very interesting tool for content curation since it allows you to predict emerging trends and viral content on any topic in real-time.

  • Works as a filter to select relevant topics
  • Access for more than one user

It costs $ 49 a month, so if it is not within your budget to use these types of tools, it might not be convenient to buy this subscription compared to others that offer more complete marketing packages.

Trendspottr | Content curation tools

4.- is the most comprehensive content curation tool. What it does is monitor global sources and find and select relevant external content.

  • Facilitates the curator's job of searching for information
  • Obtain information from a variety of reliable information sources
  • Allows integration with your website and RRSS
  • Facilitates the creation of a newsletter where you can add the curated content and send it by email
  • It also provides user interaction analytics
  • Allows you to capture “leads” through subscription forms in the content hubs created

The free version only allows you to collect information on a single topic and 10 posts per day. The business plan costs $ 67 per month so it is not as affordable but it is definitely worth it. | Content Curation Tools

5.- Google Alerts

This Google extension allows you to select keywords and based on them send a news alert every time one related to your selection is published.

  • Receive relevant daily content in your mail
  • Facilitates the news search process

The main disadvantage is that it tends to generalize, that is, to cover very general topics without additional filters, which can be harmful since it sends you many notifications by email with information that may not be of any use to you.

Google Alerts main page

6.- Buzzsumo

This tool is designed to detect trends. By entering a keyword in its search engine, it allows you to know which are the most shared content on social networks and in the domains of the competition.

Undoubtedly, another of the essentials to make a good content curation.

  • It allows you to search by words, topics, categories, etc.
  • It allows you to filter by type of shared content (videos, infographics, articles) as well as by country and language
  • It allows you to know the influencers who have shared the content

Its cost is quite high, it costs $ 99 per month and it offers you a 30-day trial period.

BUzzSumo Content Curation Tools


Content curation is certainly essential for content creation. And it is important to give visibility to the brand, improve web positioning and increase the number of followers through previously filtered quality information.

What content curation tools do you use? What are your favorites?

We hope that our selection of recommended tools in this blog has been very useful and helps you make the most of all the resources for a good content curation process.

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