Transcripts Service

Diversify your media. Get your words on text. Make more content out of your current content. Let us do the transcripts for you. Start now!


The Challenge

Not everyone is good at writing, some are great at speaking. Maybe you gave a great conference, even an inspiring one, but you have no way to put what you said into words. The written language is different form the spoken one. When people write in the same way they speak it often makes for a confusing text that bores the reader. How can you put any speech into words?


How we can help you

A team of professional writers can help you write down the ideas you’ve spoken. We will respect the core message and be loyal to the purpose and intended audience of your original speech. At the same time, we will make sure to make a compelling, interesting and clear text that will be available for anyone who prefers or needs the written form.


Positive Impact

With transcriptions of important conferences or courses, you can give extra material to your audience. The written form is accessible and efficient when you only need to check something quickly. Also, with this extra material, you can implement strategies to reach more people or to engage with your current audience.

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