What is a slogan and how to create one that stands out?

In order to generate a slogan effectively, several methods need to be followed to make sure it stands out. Learn how to create a successful tagline that your customers will remember for life with these tips.
Consejos para crear un eslogan exitoso

A slogan is an essential part of any brand strategy, as it is an effective way to spread information about the company, as well as position itself in the mind of the consumer. But, to be able to generate a slogan effectively, it is necessary to follow several methods to ensure that it stands out.

If you’re interested in having a tagline that stands out, read on to find out how to make yours. Learn to create a slogan that your customers will remember for life:

What is a slogan?

A slogan is a short phrase of a maximum of 8 words that are used to demonstrate the value offer and gain space in the mind of the consumer. It is about creating a phrase that captures and accompanies the brand and logo, to identify a product or service.

Brainstorming creative ideas for a slogan

A slogan answers these three questions: Who is the company? What does it do? Why does it do it?

And it has three main goals:

  1. Demonstrate the value offer of a product or service, and differentiate the brand.
  2. Position the brand in the minds of consumers and enhance customer loyalty.
  3. Increase impact through a well-built identity.

Characteristics of a good slogan

A slogan must be short and meet the following characteristics:

  • Use simple words
  • Be easy to memorize
  • Include a key benefit
  • Distinguish the brand
  • Convey positive feelings

Also, the 4 universal attributes of a good slogan are:

1.- Having the implicit brand: How does your product or brand differ from the competition? They should represent what the brand does or what you want customers to associate with the brand. A tagline makes it clear to the audience how a company or product can help you, therefore it sells the benefits and not the features of what it offers.

2.- Being addictive: Is the slogan recognizable? Will people remember it? It should be easy to repeat and have rhythm and tone.

3.- Being exclusive: It must be original and ingenious, the only way to ensure that it will generate an impact on the minds of consumers.

4.- Being short and direct: You must be able to convey an idea in a few words.

Some examples of slogans:

  • Red Bull: "Red Bull gives you wings!"
  • Sabritas: "You can't eat just one!"
  • Rexona does not abandon you"
  • Mercado Libre: "The best is coming"
  • Volkswagen Jetta: "Everybody has a Jetta, at least in their head"
Examples of brands with a successful slogan

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5 Key Tips for a making a Successful Slogan

If you want a slogan with an incredible result, several tips can help you achieve it. Today we give you the 5 most important on how to make a slogan:

1.- Focus on the public

A good tagline should be clear about what your company does for its audience and provide an incentive for customers.

So, the first thing you have to do is think like your audience and ask yourself what values ​​distinguish you and how you would improve the lives of your ideal clients.

Do not forget that to develop a successful slogan you must have extensive knowledge of the business you want to promote, handle the advertising language well, and the direction in which you move.

2.- Brainstorming

A good tactic to generate creative results is to brainstorm words that relate to your brand and are connected to your goal.

Make lists of adjectives, verbs, and nouns and form sentences with the ideas that come to mind. For example, use words like modern, practical, savor, taste, enchant, beauty, movement, efficiency, ease, among many more. All depending on the turn of your business, the possibilities are endless.

Brainstorming to define target audience and objectives

Don't limit yourself, the more results the better. Once you are discarding and having finalists, ask for external opinions and repeat the phrase over and over again, to see if it will really have the impact you are looking for.

This might help you: Brainstorming Techniques - How to Brainstorm by Yourself

3.- Positive feelings

The best slogans have upbeat words as they leave a better impression. Use words that evoke emotions like confidence or nostalgia.

Some examples of successful slogans are:

So, capture your audience by detailing what matters to the company and what good it does, expresses the values ​​of your business.

4.- Investigate the competition

Look at the competition and other success stories to define what path you want to take with yours. Also think: What makes my company different from the others?

This way you make sure to create an original slogan that can be successful over your competitors.

5.- Timelessness

Another very important element is to create a slogan that despite the passage of time, continues to position itself, becoming a timeless classic.

So, discard from your list of fashionable words or trending now and opt better for concepts that can last over time.


Having a good slogan is of utmost importance for the corporate identity of a company, as it complements and reflects the objective, the product, and the way of thinking.

Do not forget that this will be how your clients will be able to recognize and identify you, so investing efforts in creating a slogan that stands out is essential.

We hope this blog is useful for you to improve or create a successful slogan for your company.

Any more doubts? Would you like professionals to create your slogan? Do not hesitate to contact us, we will guide you for free.

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