Why is it a good idea to have a blog?

Do you know what the importance of having a blog is? It’s not just a hobby or a potential revenue generator, it’s a useful tool to power your website. Find out how here.

Having a blog may sound like an old-fashioned idea. We’re in the middle of 2021, why have a blog full of articles, tips, and anecdotes? Well, many small businesses don’t underestimate the importance of having a blog. It turns out that the content created there is much more useful than you think and it is very convenient to have one. Sure, as long as it’s well structured and well thought out.

Beyond the lifestyle

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It may be that when you think about blogs, personal blogs come to mind. Maybe you have some in mind where a person tells travel anecdotes, maternity tips, people eating at expensive restaurants, and telling their experience, in short: lifestyle. There was a time on the Internet when that was blogging, but it soon went on to video and social media. Now blogs are more similar to what online magazines once were.

These are sites full of really useful articles. Beyond dealing merely with someone’s personal life, they are compendiums of information on a subject and when they are well documented, they are sources of trust. Most focus on a topic and from it come topics to be addressed.

They are often useful for those looking to learn something new, be it cooking or programming, as they maintain a language that is understandable to the general public, except in cases where the content is highly specialized. Although blogs have gone through this transformation, they do not exclude cases in which authors also tell of their own experience, indeed, many of those who make blogs are personally experts in the topic they write about.

Seeing blogs as spaces where we can share our skills and experience, they become a much more interesting tool. But what to do with it? Here we go.

Appear on more searches

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Companies are looking for customers. However, customers don’t always know what they need. Sometimes they are looking to solve a minor doubt that connects to a larger problem or they don’t even know that there is a product or service that could solve their problems.

For example, maybe now someone has looked for: «why is it important to have a blog?» because you are trying to evaluate whether it is a good idea to add it to your business website. You may feel overwhelmed to think you will have to write. The person who did that search does not know that there are content writer services that can write blogs for their company. But if you get to this blog you will find out two things: #1 yes, yes it is a good idea, #2 Word Stylers exists.

If you’re just waiting for potential clients to find you because they’re specifically looking for you, you’re leaving a lot of doors unlocked. It is necessary to open the way to how it takes place and a very good way to do it without having to buy advertising is to write a blog about topics related to the product or service that you are trying to position in the market.

Expand your network

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Precisely because you are the result of more searches thanks to the variety of articles in your blog, you can connect with many more people. Many people who are precisely looking for you will come to you and perhaps, if they like what they read, they will decide to stay or be frequent visitors.

They don’t have to be all potential clients, some can be partners, people who want to and work with you. You never know the questions of who you might be answering through a blog. Perhaps with a blog, you will not only increase sales but also improve your professional relationships.

This is why a blog can make it easier for you. It’s a way to establish connections never before imagined. Let’s say that blogs are conducive to serendipity. Of course, not just any blog does the job. That's why it is of great importance to have certain blog quality.

Useful content

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For a blog to attract an audience it must be easy to read, enjoyable and useful. Why doesn’t anyone read blogs about people who are living the big life? Because reading takes time, you want the time invested in reading to be something valuable, travel, food, and luxuries can stay in one like. But on the blogs, there must be something substantial.

Answer doubts, give a relevant point of view, make guides, encourage creativity, challenge outdated ideas… All these things we can have in mind when writing a blog. If we have a travel blog it is not enough to list things to do in a tourist destination, it is necessary to propose something different, such as little-visited but beautiful places, or address useful issues such as which public transport routes to take.

Useful content is what will bring your blog to life. People will get to it and want to come back if they find something valuable. It doesn’t mean you can only write about educational issues, of course, you can include personal issues but think: «what does my audience get from reading this?» If the answer is interesting, write, otherwise look for another approach.

SEO and content

Letters SEO to represent its importance on blog creation

It is inevitable to talk about this point. After all, the nerve point of having a blog is related to SEO. Search engine optimization is of great importance when it comes to websites. It is what makes us appear or not among the first search results. If you don’t know much about SEO yet, I recommend reading these two articles: SEO FAQs – All You Need To Know and How To Improve My Page’s SEO? And if you already have some experience but are struggling a bit, I recommend these tools: SEO Tools

There are a lot of requirements to meet when it comes to SEO, but a very important one is to have content. Search engines favor pages that have a lot of content. They rank them as more reliable sources. Blog posts are content that can help you improve your SEO. That’s reason enough to realize the importance of blogs.

Of course, having the content is just the first step. You need to optimize it for SEO. To expand your network and be the result of more searches this is key. Have backlinks, external links, internal, good text extension, excellent keywords… are some of the points to cover to be a search result. At first, it may seem overwhelming but once you learn the basics it becomes a list of pending ones that you fulfill almost without realizing because from the beginning you write considering them.

Conclusions about the importance of a blog

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Having a blog is of major importance. They are no longer public journals of people living in luxury. It’s a tool that if you use with SEO requirements in mind can help you connect with people who wouldn’t have gotten to you otherwise. That’s why it’s a great idea to have one for your website.

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